MANUJAMATHA (Human Outlook)  *  VISHWAPATHA (Universality) * SARVODAYA (Welfare of All) *  SAMANVAYA (Harmony) *  POORNA DRUSHTI (Holistic Viewpoint)?


Department Profile

Name of the Department    Centre for the Study of Local Cultures
Interdisciplinary Studies and Research in Cultural Studies
Year of Establishment        2007
Name of the Chairman       Prof. Rajaram Hegde
Address of the Department Centre for the Study of Local Cultures
Jnanasahyadri, Shankaraghatta - 577 451
Phone: +91 - 8282-257316
About Department:

Centre for the Study of Local Cultures is a research centre, based at Kuvempu University (India), established in collaboration with the Research Centre Vergelijkende Cultuurwetenschap (Ghent University, Belgium) and financially assisted by the Flemish Interuniversity Council – VLIR (Belgium)( For more Details on Course Click Here)

The CSLC aspires to become an international centre of excellence, play an important role in the project of reinvigorating and decolonizing the social sciences, and become a leader in innovative research and education on local social problems.

• Develop a research centre at Kuvempu University that will engage in research on the issues of caste/inequality and                        pluralism/conflict in local society.
• Train rural students in reading, writing and advanced social science research of international standard.
• Promote alternative strategies for conflict resolution by taking the traditional practical knowledge of the local communities into      account. Develop insights into how cultural problems play a decisive role in development policies and state projects.
• Establish a feedback loop between academic research and local communities, self-government bodies, policy makers and          NGOs.


Programmes Offered:

Programmes Nature & Duration Eligibility Intake

CBCS- Semester Scheme Two Years

B.A. Degree with any Social Science discipline


Five Years

M.A., in any Social Science discipline

7 students
P.G Diploma

One year

M.A., in any Social Science discipline



Three months

M.A., in any Social Science discipline

Structure of the Programme M.A (Papers offered)
Sl.No. Paper Type Title of the Paper Hrs. Credit Marks
I Semester-Core
101 Hard Core Varieties of cultural studies-I   04 100
102 Hard Core Comparative science of cultures-I, Introduction   04 100
103 Hard Core Research methodology I-introduction   04 100
104 Soft Core Reconstructing the disciplines-History   03 100
105 Soft Core Text-Orientalism - Edward Said   03 100
II Semester -Core
201 Hard Core Understanding Western culture   04 100
202 Hard Core Research methodology II-Argumentation and research skills   04 100
203 Soft Core Reconstructing the disciplines-political science   03 100
204 Soft Core Text-Hind Swaraj-M.K.Gandhi   03 100
205 Interdisciplinary Colonial and post-colonial views on Indian history-major Trends   02 100
III Semester
301 Hard Core Decolonizing social sciences   04 100
302 Hard Core Research methodology III-Practical   04 100
303 Soft Core Varieties of cultural studies II, Indian   03 100
304 Soft Core  Reconstructing the disciplines-sociology   03 100
305 Soft Core  Text- The Interpretation of Caste- Quigley   03 100
306 Interdisciplinary  Modern Indian political thoughts   02 100
IV Semester
401 Hard Core History and Philosophy of Science   04 100
402 Hard Core Conceptualizing cultural differences   04 100
403 Soft Core  Reconstructing the disciplines-anthropology and folklore   03 100
404 Soft Core Select articles on anthropology and folklore   03 100
405 Dissertation Dissertation   04 100

Sl.No. Name Qualification Designation Area  of  Specialisation

Prof. J.S. Sadananda

M.A., Ph.D. Professor & Local Promoter

Ancient Indian political  thought and political sociology


Prof. Rajaram R. Hegde

M.A., Ph.D. Professor & Director

Indian History, Archaeology & Cultural Studies


Dr. A Shanmukha

M.A., Ph.D. Reader, Political Science

Social movements, Panchayat Raj

04 Dr. Dunkin Jalki M.A., Ph.D. Research Coordinator

Cultural Studies & Literature

Departmental Trust Areas of Research:
1 Comparative Study of Cultures
2 Caste inequality, pluralism and conflict.
3  Theorising Indian culture and society
4 Western understanding of caste and pluralism on Indian Society
Research Projects :
Title of the Project Name of the Principal Investigator Funding Agency Duration Amount Sanctioned Status

Asia-Link of European Commission (DEVHAS) Development of Human Resources and Strategies for Education on the Stereotypical Images and Cultural Differences Between Europe and South Asia

Prof. J.S. Sadananda
Prof. Rajaram Hegde
Prof. S.N.Balagangadhara
Prof. Vivek Dhareshwara
Two Years
1.6 Crores Completed
Caste and Traditions-Pilot Project Prof. J.S. Sadananda
Prof. Rajaram Hegde
Kuvempu University 2004-05 60.000-00 Completed
Caste and Traditions: II Phase Prof. Rajaram Hegde
Prof. J.S. Sadananda
Kuvempu University From 2005
to 07
1.00.000- 00 Completed
Caste and Traditions: Phase III Prof. Rajaram Hegde
Prof. J.S. Sadananda
CSLC From 2007
2,00,000- 00 Ongoing
VLIR- Own initiative for CSLC Prof. J.S. Sadananda
Prof. Rajaram Hegde
Prof. S.N.Balagangadhara
Four Years
1.8 - Crores On going
Teaching Social Science Research-Experiments in
Prof. Sadanand
Dr. Dunkin Jalki
SRTT 2009-10 5 lakhs Completed
Future Expansion/Diversification Plans:

To Strengthen the Departmental Activities

Workshops/Seminars/Conferences organized and Funding Agency :
Title Level Year Funding Agency

Asia Link workshops-2

International 2007 & 2008 European Union

Dharma and Ethics-4

International & National 2005 to 2009 Kuvempu Univeristy and Gent University, Belgium

Rethinking Religion in India-2

International 2007 & 2008 Kuvempu Univeristy, CSLC and Gent University, Belgium

Caste and Inequality

Regional 2008 CSLC

Major Debates on Secularism in India

Regional 2008 CSLC

Rethinking Secularism in India

International 2008 CSLC

Secularism: Perspective from Kannada Literature

Regional 2009 CSLC

Debates on Communalism

Regional 2009 CSLC

Back word class movement in Karnataka

Regional 2009 CSLC

Philosophy of Science and Logic

International 2009 Gent University and CSLC

Religious Studies in India

National 2009 CSLC

Research Methods and Modes

International 2009 CSLC

Response to Modernity in Kannada Literature

State 2009 CSLC

Research Modes and Methods

State 2009-10 SRTT
1 Equipped with computer and internet facilities
2 Focused research library, with near 4000 books