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Department Profile

Name of the Department    Department of Studies and Research in Mathematics
Year of Establishment        1975
Name of the Chairman       Dr. S.K. Narasimhamurthy
Address of the Department Department of Studies & Research in Mathematics
School of Physical Sciences , Maths and Computer Science Building, Jnana Sahyadri,
Shankaraghatta - 577451
Phone: +91(0)8282-256310,  Fax: 08282-256255
About Department:

The department was started as P.G. Centre of University of Mysore, in B.R. project in 1975. It was housed in a primary school building till 1996 and later was shifted to the main campus. After the information of new University in 1987, this department became an integral part of Kuvempu University named after the great Kannada poet, winner of Janna Peetha Awardee Kuppalli Venkatappa Puttappa (Kuvempu). The department of Mathematics has been harnessing precious human resources for overall department of society through the pursuit for the excellence in the area of Mathematical sciences. The department has produced 25 Ph.D., and 23 M.Phil., degrees and wore than 160 research papers have been published in reputed national and international journals. At present the number of research scholars registered for Ph.D., programme is 24. As a part of the university institute interaction the department staff and students got trained in research originations like TIFR, IISC, IIT etc., conducting seminars symposia workshops and conferences to provide platform for scientists and industrialists to discuss for mutual benefit. The department established mathematical society in 2008. Under the banner of society the following programs are conducted:

1. Helping the students in getting the placements.
2. Providing facility for research activities.
3. Funding economically weaker and meritorious students to purchase the books and reading materials.

The department has introduced an unique programme entitled earn and learn scheme for M.Phil., and Ph.D., students. In this scheme some of the students working at Badravathi Shimoga colleges an hourly basis along with their regular academic activities.  The credit of first Ph.D., of Kuvempu University goes to Mathematics department.

The department is actively engaged in research in the areas of differential geometry, fluid mechanics & certain areas related to simulation of fluid flow using computer graphics. We train train our students to fulfill the current needs of software companies. The main objective is to prepare the students with good skills, which are essential for software companies. The project works guided by our teachers are published in reputed journals. The students are also deputed to various seminars/conferences.

The credit of award of first Ph.D., of Kuvempu University goes to mathematics department. The department has organized refresher courses (1997-98) and many conferences/seminars in mathematics of national/international level.

Programmes Offered:
Programmes Nature & Duration Eligibility Intake
M.Sc., CBCS - Semester Scheme  (4 Semesters)

B.Sc. Degree  with Mathematics as one of the major subject.


M.Phil., One Year Masters Degree in Mathematics

2 students per guide

Ph.D Three Years Minimum Masters Degree in Mathematics

5+2 students per guide

Courses (i.e., Papers) Offered (Structure of the Programme): M.Sc., Mathematics
Paper Code Paper Type Title  of the Paper Hrs. Credit Marks
MSM 1.1 Hardcore Algebra   5 25+75=100
MSM 1.2 Hardcore Real Analysis-I   5 25+75=100
MSM 1.3 Hardcore Ordinary Differential Equations   5 25+75=100
MSM 1.4 Soft core Computer Fundamentals and C Programming   3 25+75=100
MSM 1.5 Soft core Discrete Mathematics   4 25+75=100
MSM 1.6 Practical Lab Based MSM 1.4   2 50
MSM 2.1 Hardcore Linear Algebra and its Applications   5 25+75=100
MSM 2.2 Hardcore Real Analysis-II   5 25+75=100
MSM 2.3 Hardcore Topology-I   4 25+75=100
MSM 2.4 Soft core Partial Differential Equations   3 25+75=100
MSM 2.5 Soft core Complex Analysis   5 25+75=100
MSM 2.6 Soft core MAT LAB Programming   2 50
Elective Elective-I Basic Mathematical Modelling   2 50
MSM 3.1 Hardcore Measure Theory   5 25+75=100
MSM 3.2 Hardcore Topology-II   4 25+75=100
MSM 3.3 Hardcore Numerical Analysis   4 25+75=100
MSM 3.4 Soft core Differential Geometry   4 25+75=100
MSM 3.5 Soft core Fluid Mechanics   5 25+75=100
MSM 3.6 Soft core Numerical Methods – Lab   2 50
Elective Elective-II Statistical Techniques   2 50
MSM 4.1 Hard core Riemannian Geomentry   4 25+75=100
MSM 4.2 Hard core Magnetohydrodynamics   4 25+75=100
MSM 4.3 Hard core Functional Analysis   4 25+75=100
MSM 4.4A
MSM 4.5B
MSM 4.6A
Soft core Operations research
Computational Geometry
Computer aided Geometric Design
  4 25+75=100
Project Project Project Work   6 100
Sl.No. Name Qualification Designation Area  of  Specialisation
01 Dr. S.K. Narasimhamurthy M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D Professor Differential Geometry and Finsler Geometry
02 Dr. B.J. Gireesha. M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D Assistant Professor Fluid Mechanics
03 Dr. Venkatesha. M.Sc. Ph.D Assistant Professor Contact Manifolds
Departmental Trust Areas of Research
01 Differential Geometry: Kahlerian, contact & Finsler Manifolds.
Fluid Dynamics:
i. Study of MHD /MGD  Flow using Hodograph methods
ii. Study of Dusty Flow in moving frame (Frenet frame field system)
iii Simulation of fluid flow using numerical methods
iv Boundary layer flow and heat transfer
v Simulation of fluid flow


Research Projects :
Title of the Project Name of the Principal Investigator Funding Agency Duration Amount Sanctioned Status
Einstein Manifolds Prof.C.S.Bagewadi & Dr.Venkatesh DST,  New Delhi 3 Years 15.11 Lakhs On going
Unsteady Flow of Heat transfer of a Dusty Fluid

Dr. B.J. Gireesha & Prof.C.S.Bagewadi

DST, New Delhi 3 Years 9.34 Lakhs On going
Conformal change of Finsler spaces and its applications Dr. S.K. Narasimhamurthy UGC 3 Years 7.97 Lakhs On going
Study on boundary Layer Flow of an Unsteady Dusty Fluid Dr. B.J. Gireesha UGC 3 Years 7.79 Lakhs On going
Workshops/Seminars/Conferences organized and Funding Agency :
Title Level Year Funding Agency
Geometry, Analysis Mechanics & Computer Applications International 2000 DST,CSIR,NBHM & UGC
Emerging Trends in Human Machine Interface International 2004 CSIR,DST, and JNNCE, Shimoga
Geometry, Analysis Mechanics & Computer Applications National 2004  DST,CSIR & UGC
Recent Trends in Mathematics National 2008 DST & UGC, New Delhi
Two Days Workshop on Special Lecture Series in Mathematics National 2009 Karnataka Science and Technology Academy, Government of Karnataka
The Vision Group of Mathematics & Computer Science National 2010 Karnataka Science and Technology Academy, Government of Karnataka
Differential Geometry and its applications National 2011 Tensor Society of India, Lucknow, UGC and University
Ph.D Successfully Guided from 2002-03 onwards:
Name of the Scholar Title Year Name of the Guide
B.J. Gireesha A Study of Dusty Gas Flow using Geometric models 2002 Prof. C.S. Bagewadi
N.B. Gatti A Study on Conservative and Irrotational Curvature Tensor of Contact manifolds 2003 Prof. C.S. Bagewadi
S.K. Narasimhamurthy Some Contributions to Finsler Submanifolds 2004 Prof. C.S. Bagewadi
E. Girish Kumar Some Contributions to Trans Sasakian Manifolds 2005 Prof. C.S. Bagewadi
S. Bhagya A Study of Fluid Flow using Hodograph method 2005 Prof. C.S. Bagewadi
Venkatesha A Study on Contact Manifolds 2006 Prof. C.S. Bagewadi
B.C.Prasanna Kumar Mathematical modeling of dusty fluid flow 2007 Prof. C.S. Bagewadi
D.G.Prakash Certain structures on manifolds 2008 Prof. C.S. Bagewadi
N.S.Basavarajappa A Study on conservative irrotational curvature tensors 2008 Prof. C.S. Bagewadi
G.M.Lingaraju Cognitive modeling of fluid flow for virtual reality applications based on scientific visualisation 2008 Prof. C.S. Bagewadi
P. Venkatesh  Flow of conducting dusty fluid using geometric techniques 2009 Prof. C.S. Bagewadi
Pradeep Kumar A Study of Metric Transformations on Finsler Subspaces 2009 Dr. S. K. Narasimhamurthy
S. T. Aveesha Some Contribution to Conformal Theory of Finsler Spaces 2010 Dr. S. K. Narasimhamurthy
G.T. Sreenivasa A Brief Contribution to Contact and Lorentzian Manifolds 2010 Dr. Venkatesha
T. Nirmala Study of dusty fluid flow with variable viscosity 2010 Dr. B. J. Gireesha
K.R. Madhura Study of dusty viscous fluid flows 2010 Dr. B. J. Gireesha
Karekal Naganagoud Certain Structures on Contact and Lorentzian Manifolds 2011 Dr. Venkatesha
Facilities :

The Department of Post Graduate Studies in Mathematics is housed in Mathematics & Computer Science Block. It has well equipped class room, seminar hall, Computer Laboratory & separate staff room with necessary accessories for each individual teacher. Department has a computer laboratory with 30 recent configuration systems with LCD & over head projectors. There is a separate rest room for girls. The block has well maintained lawn & central Library with excellent exhaustive collection of books in almost all branches of mathematics supported by NBHM.

Future Expansions/Diversification Plans :
The department sent a proposal to UGC for Special Assistance programme under the title “Application of Differential Geometry Techniques to Fluid Flows”
We plan to establish the department as a School of Differential Geometry & its applications.
Awards/Recognition/Achievements of Faculty:
a NR Sen memorial lecturer 2010 ICRMDA, KOLKATTA.
b Sadhana Puraskar award for outstanding academician from Kuvempu University in 2010.
c One of Papers is recognized as 3 star papers.
d “Shikshana Rathna Puraskar” by India International Friendship Society-2007, New Delhi.
e Rotary award for Academic distinction at B.Sc. from Rotary Club, Bagalkot, 1971.
f C.S.I.R. Post Doctoral Fellow during 1977-1978.
g C.S.I.R. regular research fellow for obtaining Ph.D. Degree (1973-77)
h National Merit Scholarship to do M.Sc. Course.


Sri Dwarkanath Best paper/ presentation and cash price award at Rishikesha, Uttar Khand organized by tensor society, Lucknow in 2010. In 2011,


Placements :

The passes out students are working as teachers in High Schools, Junior Colleges, Under graduate colleges, Universities & administrators. Some of the students are settled in abroad & some have been appointed in NCERT and in software field. Many students of our department are working as faculty members in reputed engineering colleges all over India.

Achievements of the alumni :
 *  Alumni is started in the  Academic year  2008.
 *  Mathematical Society started from 2008