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Department Profile

Name of the Department    Department of Studies and Research in Applied Zoology
Year of Establishment        1993
Name of the Chairman       Dr. K. Nagaraj
Address of the Department Department of Studies & Research in Applied Zoology
School of Biological Sciences
Bioscience Block
Jnanasahyadri, Shankaraghatta - 577451
Shimoga Dist., Karnataka State, INDIA
Telefax: +91(0)8282 256263
About Department:

             The Post Graduate Department of Applied Zoology was started in 1993. The Department offers M.Sc., M.Phil & Ph.D degrees in Applied Zoology & Wildlife and Management. The Department is well equipped with facilities and infrastructure. It is supported by three permanent and six guest faculty members, and four non-teaching staff. Major thrust areas of the research in the Department include Genetics, Developmental Neuroscience, Bio diversity, Aquaculture, Toxicology, & Physiology. M.Sc., students are trained in various aspects of Zoology, namely Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Environmental pollution, Toxicology, Genomics, Proteomics & Bio-diversity. During the past eighteen years of existence, the Department has produced thirty PhDs and twenty M.Phils and published more than two hundred research papers in various peer reviewed journals of India and abroad. Presently Sixteen students are pursuing Ph.D. The two staff members namely Prof. B. B. Hosetti and Dr. Nagaraja have visited United States of America, England and Nepal for higher studies.


Programmes Offered:
Programmes Nature & Duration Eligibility Intake
M.Sc., CBCS - Semester Scheme  (4 Semesters B.Sc., Degree with Biological Sciences


M.Phil., One Year M.Sc., Degree with Biological Sciences


Ph.D Three Years Minimum M.Sc., Degree with Biological Sciences


Courses (i.e., Papers) Offered (Structure of the Programme):


Paper Code Paper Type Title of the Paper Hrs. Credit Marks
HC1.1 Hardcore Comparative Animal Physiology Endocrinology 80 7 150
HC 1.2 Hardcore Aquaculture and Parasitology 80 7 150
SC 1.3(a) Soft core a) Applied Entomology and Bio-Diversity 64 6 150
SC 1.3(b) Soft core b) Dairy and Poultry 64 6 150
HC 2.1 Hardcore Cytogenctics and Developmental Biology 80 7 150
HC 2.1 Hardcore Ethology & Wildlife Studies 80 7 150
SC 2.3(a) Soft core a) Apiculture and Sericulture 64 6 150
SC 2.3(b) Softcore b) Biochemistry and Bio-Statistics




ELE 2.4 Electives Electives 32 2 100
HC 3.1 Hardcore Hardcore Molecular Biology and Bio-Technology 80 7 150
HC 3.1 Hardcore Hardcore Microbiology  and Immunology 80 7 150
SC 3.3(a) Soft core a) Research Methodology Instrumentation 64 6 150
SC 3.3(b) Softcore b) Genomics & Proteomics 64 6  
ELE 3.4 Elective Electives 32 2 100
HC 4.1 Hard core Applied and Population Genetics 80 7 150
HC 4.1 Soft core Environmental Pollution and Toxicology 80 7 150
4.3 Project Work Project   5 150
Sl.No. Name Qualification Designation Area  of  Specialisation

Prof. B.B.Hosetti

M.Sc., Ph.D Professor Environmental Pollution, Entomology, Wildlife and Biodiversity

Dr. M. Venkateshwarlu

M.Sc., Ph.D Professor Eco-Toxicology / Fisheris

Dr. K. Nagaraj

M.Sc., Ph.D Associate Professor Genetics
Departmental Trust Areas of Research
01 Genetics 04 Developmental Neuroscience
02 Sewage treatment by stabilization ponds 05 Toxicology
03 Bio diversity 06 Aquaculture
Research Projects :
Title of the Project Name of the Principal Investigator Funding Agency Duration Amount Sanctioned Status
Ecological studies and videography of Gudavi Bird Sanctuary Dr. B.B. Hosetti


2 Years 60,000 Completed
Major Project-Study of toxic metal cyanides on some Fresh Water Fishes and Microorganisms with Special Reference to their Tolerance, Physiological, Biochemical and Histopathological Alterations Dr. B.B. Hosetti UGC 2 Years 7.5 Lakhs Ongoing

Minor Project-Ecological studies on sloth bear in the Daroji wildlife century at Hospet.

Dr. B.B. Hosetti KFD

1 Year

50,000 Completed
Major Research Project “Development of Biocontrol Techniques for Pentatomid bug Cyclopelta cissifolia West wood in the Western Ghats of Karnataka with Special Reference to Pongamia pinnata and Erythrina indica” Dr. B.B. Hosetti DBT 3 Years 20.31 Lakhs Ongoing
Studies on Fish Habitat and Diversity of Tunga and Bhadra River systems of Western Ghats, Karnataka. Prof. M.Venkateshwarlu
UGC 3 Years 6.15 Lakhs Ongoing
Workshops/Seminars/Conferences organized and Funding Agency :
Title Level Year Funding Agency

A two day workshop on “Aquaculture for Rural Development”

Regional Level


Un assigned Grants of U.G.C.

“Biotechnology Strategies for biodiversity conservation” National 2008 Kuvempu University & ISCAP
“Strategies for Biodiversity Conservation & Management” National 2010 Kuvempu University
Prof. B. B. Hosetti:
1 Vijayshree” Award by India International Society, 2005, Delhi.
2 Best paper presentation award by Academy of Environmental Biology (AEB) MP.
3 Post doctoral Award: The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2005, USA.
4 INSA visiting Professor Award, 2009: Visited Tribhuvan University,  Katmandu , Nepal.
Dr. Nagaraja:
1 Post doctoral fellowship: The University of Texas, USA, 2003-2004.
2 The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA, 2004-2007.


Facilities :

Well equipped with 2 Class rooms, 2 student laboratories, 2 research laboratories, 1 Seminar hall. The dept. also equipped with necessary instruments and equipments for teaching and research.

Future Expansion/Diversification Plans :

The Department is aiming at the establishment of well equipped research laboratories to take up research in thrust areas of the dept, namely Molecular Genetics, Neurobiology, Biodiversity, Aquaculture, Toxicology etc. To train M.Sc., students in modern biological disciplines such as Genomics, Proteomics and Genetic Engineering, Computer laboratory will be established. The curriculum of the department including syllabus would be modified comprehensively. That would help our students better taught and trained.