Dr.Syed Ashfaq Ahmed
M.Sc., Ph.D
Department of Applied Geology
ashfaqs@kuvempu.ac.in, ashfaqsa@hotmail.com



  • Area Of Research

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    1 Remote Sensing Applications, Image Processing

    Journals Publications

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    1 S.Shekhar, Yoo E-H., S.A.Ahmed, R.Haining, S.Kadannolly Analysing malaria incidence at the small area level for developing a spatial decision support system: A case study in Kalaburagi, Karnataka, India 0 Spatial and Spatio-temporal Epidemiology (Elsevier) 2017
    2 J.V. Revadekar, Hamza Varikoden, P·.K. Murumkar and S.A. Ahmed Latitudinal variation in summer monsoon rainfall over Western Ghat of India and its association with global sea surface temperatures 5.102 Science of the Total Environment (Elsevier) 2017
    3 J.V. Revadekar, Hamza Varikoden, P·.K. Murumkar and S.A. Ahmed On the relationship between sea surface temperatures, circulation parameters and temperatures over west coast of India 5.102 Science of the Total Environment (Elsevier) 2016
    4 K. Ibrahim-Bathis, S.A. Ahmed Geospatial technology for delineating groundwater potential zones in Doddahalla watershed of Chitradurga district, India 0 The Egyptian Journal of Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (Elsevier) 2016
    5 K. Ibrahim-Bathis, S.A. Ahmed Rainfall-runoff modelling of Doddahalla watershed—an application of HEC-HMS and SCN-CN in ungauged agricultural watershed 0.955 Arabian Journal of Geosciences (Springer) 2016
    6 Ajaya S Bharadwaja and S.A.Ahmed Monitoring the delineation of Surface water bodies using NDWI techniques 0 Coordinates 2015
    7 Kiran Raj.S., S.A. Ahmed, S.K.Srivastav, P.K.Gupta Iron Oxides mapping from Eo-1 Hyperion data 0.596 Journal of Geological Society of India (Springer) 2015
    8 Kiran Raj.S and S.A.Ahmed Auto-extraction and Comparison of Lineaments from Landsat TM and ASTERGDEM using Geomatics Techniques for the part of Chitradurga Schist Belt, India: A Case Study 0 International Journal of Computer Science Applications 2014
    9 Kiran Raj.S and S.A.Ahmed Lineament Extraction from Southern Chitradurga Schist Belt using Landsat TM, ASTERGDEM and Geomatics Techniques 0 International Journal of Computer Applications 2014
    10 Surabhi Bhatt and S.A. Ahmed Morphometric analysis to determine floods in the Upper Krishna basin using Cartosat DEM. 1.646 Geocarto International (Taylor and Francis) 2014
    11 Ajaya S Bharadwaja and S.A.Ahmed Planning development on Flood plains 0 Geospatial Today 2014
    12 K. Ibrahim-Bathis and S.A.Ahmed Evaluation of Morphometric Parameters – A comparative study from Cartosat DEM, SRTM and SOI Toposheet in Karabayyanahalli sub-watershed, Karnataka 0 International Journal of Research (IJR) 2014
    13 V. Nischitha, S.A. Ahmed, Hamza Varikoden & J.V. Revadekar The impact of seasonal rainfall variability on NDVI in the Tunga and Bhadra river basins, Karnataka, India 1.724 Indian Journal of Remote Sensing (Taylor and Francis) 2014
    14 V.Nischitha, S.A.Ahmed, Hamza Varikoden, J.V.Revadekar and G.S.Srinivasa Reddy Spatial and temporal variability of daily monsoon rainfall in Tunga and Bhadra River basin 0 Annals of GIS, (Taylor and Francis) 2013
    15 Abdul Karim, S.N.A, S.A.Ahmed, Nischitha, V., Surabhi Bhatt, Kiran Raj, S and K.N.Chandrashekarappa FAO 56 model and remote sensing for the estimation of the Crop-water requirement in Main Branch Canal of the Bhadra Command area, Karnataka State 0.725 International Journal of Remote Sensing (Springer) 2013
    16 K. Ibrahim-Bathis and S.A.Ahmed Morphometric Analysis and Prioritisation of Sub Watershed Using Cartodem: A Case Study of Doddahalla Watershed, Chitradurga, India 0 Research and Reviews: Journal of Engineering and Technology 2013
    17 S.A.Ahmed, K.N.Chandrashekarappa. S.K.Raj., Nischitha, V., and Kavitha, G Evaluation of Morphometric parameters derived from ASTER and SRTM DEM- A Study on Bandihole Sub-watershed basin in Karnataka 0.725 Indian Journal of Remote Sensing (Springer) 2010
    18 Devaraju, T.C., T.L.Sudhakara, R.J.Kaukonen, R.P. Viljoen, T.T.Alapieti, S.A.Ahmed and S.Sivakumar Petrology and Geochemistry of Greywackes fromn Goa-Dharwar sector, Western Dharwar Craton: Implications for Volcanoclastic origin. 0.596 Journal of Geological Society of India (Springer) 2010
    19 Ali M Qaid, Basavarajappa, H.T., Rajendran, S., Ashfaq, S.A. and XU Junfeng Calibration of ASTER and ETM+ imagery using Empirical line calibration method- A Case Study of North-East Hajjah, Yemen 0 Geospatial Information System (Springer) 2009


    SL # Authors Title Publisher Year
    1 K. Ibrahim-Bathis and S.A.Ahmed Geospatial Mapping of Mangrove LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2017
    2 K. Ibrahim-Bathis and S.A.Ahmed Spatial System Innovations in Watershed Management LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2017
    3 S.A.Ahmed and Ali Raza Moosvi Frontiers of Earth Science Research Professional Books Publisher, 2012
    4 Abdul Karim and S.A.Ahmed Water Balance in Irrigated Area Lambert Academic Publishers 2012

    Book Chapters

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    1 S.A. Ahmed, S. Shekhar, R. Haining, S. Kadannolly, E-H. Yoo An interactive Spatial Decision Support System to manage Public Heath in Gulbarga taluk, Karnataka, India GEOMED 2017, i3S - Instituto de Investigação e Inovação da Universidade do Porto, Portugal 2017
    2 K. Ibrahim-Bathis and S.A.Ahmed Identification of Suitable Sites for Water Harvesting in the Water Scare Rural Watershed by the Integrated Use of Remote Sensing and GIS International Symposium on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM–2014) 2014


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  • Research Projects

    SL # Title Funding Agency Co-Investigator Amount status
    1 Geology, Geochemistry and Geochronology of the Transect Between Gadag-Goa DST 2000000 Completed
    2 Structural and Lithological mapping of a part of Geotransect from Sakleshpur to Chitradurga belt using Remote Sensing and GIS DST 2400000 Completed
    3 Assessing irrigation performance of Bhadra command area, Karnataka using Remote Sensing and GIS UGC 587000 Completed
    4 Decision support system for flood risk assessment and Management in North Karnataka DST NRDMS 3500000 Ongoing
    5 National networking project on Health GIS DST-NRDMS 1500000 Ongoing
    6 Interactive SDSS for Monitoring Public Health UGC-UKIERI 1500000 Ongoing
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  • Research Alumni

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    1 Dr.Nischitha.V Rainfall Variability in the Tunga and Bhadra River Basin based on Remote Sensing Approach Ph.D. 2016 nischithav@gmail.com
    2 Dr.Surabhi Bhatt Evaluation of Flood risk assessment in Upper Krishna Basin using Remote sensing and Geographical Information System Ph.D. 2016 sbhatt1712@gmail.com
    3 Dr. Ibrahim Bathis K Spatial Mapping of Hydrological Determinants for Innovative Planning and Management of Doddahalla Watershed, Chitradurga District, Karnataka Ph.D. 2016 Bismillah Manzil Kolachiyadkam Edaneer (P.O) Kasaragod-671541 Kerala ibrahimbathis@gmail.com
    4 Dr. Kiran Raj S Mineral mapping of the Chitradurga Schist Belt: A remote sensing approach to delineate potential resources Ph.D. 2016 kimfy2047@gmail.com
    5 Dr.Ajaya S Bharadwaja Bangalore City Flood Risk Assessment and Management using Remote Sensing and GIS Ph.D. 2014 ajaysbharadwaj@gmail.com
    6 Dr. Abdul karem Saif Nasher Abdo The integration of Remote Sensing and GIS to investigate water balance in irrigated Area: A Case of Bhadra command Ph.D. 2012 kte.7268@yahoo.com
    7 N.M. Vindhya Gold Mineralization in Sangli area of Gadag Gold Field, Dharwar Craton, Karnataka M.Phil 2010 123@gmail.com
    8 Dr. C.P. Prasannakumar Evaluation of Iron ore Deposits of CN Halli Schist Belt, Tumkur Dist, Karnataka Ph.D. 2008 123@gmail.com
    9 Dr.M.G. Omkesha Murthy Geology, Geochemistry and Fluid Characteristics of Granite and Associated Molybdebite Mineralization around Ashapura area, Raichur District, Karnataka, India Ph.D. 2007 123@gmail.com
    10 Ganesha R.B M.Phil 0