Prof. Jogan Shankar
Hon'ble Vice Chancellor

Prof. Jogan Shankar, Vice-Chancellor, Kuvempu University, is a renowned sociologist and researcher whose projects and writings have initiated constructive measures against unjust social practices. With 30 years of teaching and research experience at the Post-Graduate level, he has also held important positions as Chairman of P.G Department, Member of the Syndicate and Academic Council, Dean of Arts Faculty Mangalore University, Member of the UGC NAAC Review Committee and Project Sociologist, Government of Karnataka.

A committed academic, he has guided research work at the Ph.D. level of over thirty candidates, 25 of whom have received their Ph.D. degrees. His interest in research has helped him publish 12 books apart from 100 articles in reputed journals. He has presented 75 papers at seminars on wide ranging issues.

He has completed 14 major research projects on areas such as "Condition of the Scheduled Castes and Tribes in Karnataka", "Socio-economic Study of Slums and Baseline Studies of Coastal Towns" etc,. These projects have been sponsored by several agencies of the state Government of Karnataka, the Asian Development Bank and Central Social Welfare Advisory Board, New Delhi. He has, through such projects, strengthened socially meaningful research.

He is the founder co-ordinator of Vimochana Devadasi Punarvasati Sangha, a voluntary organization in Belgaum district for rehabilitation of women who were forced into prostitution under the Devadasi custom. For this work he has been honoured with Karnataka State Award (1992) and a National Award (1998) for significant contribution to welfare of women and children.

He was specially invited by Karnataka Government to assist in resettlement of people displaced by the Upper Krishna Project. He has the distinction of working as the project sociologist in the World Bank sponsored Resettlement and Rehabilitation Programme involving 175 villages, probably the biggest of its kind in the world. As Visiting Professor and Director of Babasaheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Studies and Research Centre, Bangalore University, he contributed in making it one of the leading research centers and also has established a wonderful museum.

Prof. Jogan Shankar has been a member and chairman of Boards of Studies and Boards of Examinations of several universities and has been instrumental in updating the curricula in sociology and other related disciplines of social sciencs.

His multi-faceted work has been recognized with many awards and distinctions. He has received Ambedkar Centenary Award(1992) from the Government of Karnataka  as well as Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar Award (2006). He was a invited speaker in Oxford Round Table at Oxford University for a discussion on the topic 'Women in the Modern World: The Struggle for Equality'.