Dr.Shivayogeeswar Neelagund
M.Sc., Ph.D, PGDCA and PDF in USA
Assistant Professor
Department of Biochemistry
neelgund@gmail.com, neelgund@kuvempu.ac.in



  • Area Of Research

    SL # Topic
    1 Protein and Enzyme Biochemistry, Silkworm proteins, Nano- Biotechnology, Cyto-toxicity related to infectious diseases.

    Journals Publications

    SL # Authors Title Impact Factor Publisher Year
    1 Shivayogeeswar E. Neelagund, CD36 receptor regulates malaria-induced immune responses primarily at early blood stage infection contributing to parasitemia control and resistance to mortality 4.75 ASBMB, Journal of Biological chemistry 2017
    2 Shivayogeeswar Neelagund In vitro antioxidant and anticancer activity of Leea indica leaf extracts on human prostate cancer cell lines. 3 Elsevier 2017
    3 Shivayogeeswar E Neelagund Novel bioassay based gold nanoribbon biosensor to aid the preclinical evaluation of anticancer properties 3.3 RSC advances 2016
    4 Shivayogeeswar E Neelagund Optimization of key process variables for enhanced refamycin b production in solid state fermentation by amycolatopsis mediterrane mtcc 14 using statistical methods 1.9 AIRCC Publishing Corporation 2015
    5 Shivayogeeswar E Neelagund Amperometric hydrogen peroxide and cholesterol biosensors designed by using hierarchical curtailed silver flowers functionalized graphene and enzymes deposits. 2.4 Springer 2014
    6 Shivayogeeswar E Neelagund Optimizing the medium conditions for production of tetracycline by solid state fermentation of Streptomyces aureofaciens NCIM 2417 using statistical experimental methods 1.5 AIRCC Publishing Corporation 2014
    7 Shivayogeeswar E Neelagund Improved rifamycin B production by Nocardia mediterranei MTCC 14 under solid-state fermentation through process optimization, Biochemistry Research International 1 Hindawi Publishing Corporation 2014
    8 Shivayogeeswar E Neelagund Optimization of Medium Composition for the Production of Neomycin by Streptomyces fradiae NCIM 2418 in Solid State Fermentation. 1 Hindawi Publishing Corporation 2014
    9 Shivayogeeswar E Neelagund Statistical based media Optimization and production of Clavulanic acid by solid state Fermentation in jackfruit seed Powder as novel substrate using Streptomyces clavuligerus mtcc 1142 1.5 AIRCC Publishing Corporation 2014
    10 Shivayogeeswar E Neelagund Thermostable lipase from Geobacillus sp. Iso5: Bioseparation, characterization and native structural studies 1.59 Wiley publishing house 2013
    11 Shivayogeeswar E Neelagund Immobilization of halophilic lipase from Bacillus Cereus MS6 Bacteria and its characterization 1.5 RIpublication 2013


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    Book Chapters

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    SL # Authors Title Publisher Year
    1 Shivayogeeswar E Neelagund Molecular characterization of industrially viable extreme thermostable novel ?-amylase of Geobacillus sp Iso5 isolated from geothermal spring JPAM 2012
    2 Shivayogeeswar E Neelagund Antioxidant Properties of the Peptides Isolated from Ganoderma lucidum Fruiting Body Springer 2012
    3 Shivayogeeswar E Neelagund Biochemical Characterization of Novel Bioactive Protein from Silkworm (Bombyx mori L) Fecal Matter Springer 2012
    4 Shivayogeeswar E Neelagund Optimization of Process Parameters for Rifamycin B Production Under Solid State fermentation from Amycolatopsis Mediterranean Mtcc 14 ijcpr 2012
    5 Shivayogeeswar E Neelagund Ganoderma lucidum, A Source for Novel Bioactive Lectin. Bentham Science 2011
    6 Shivayogeeswar E Neelagund Optimization and Production of Neomycin from Different Agro Industrial Wastes in Solid State Fermentation IJPSDR 2011
    7 Shivayogeeswar E Neelagund Immobilization of Halophilic á-Amylase from Bacillus Cereus MS6 Bacteria and its Characterization RI publications 2011
    8 Shivayogeswar E Neelagund Production and Optimisation of Tetracycline by various strains of streptomyces under solid state Fermentation using Pineapple peel as a novel substrate Science flora 2011
    9 Shivayogeswar E Neelagund ). Biochemical Characterization of Antiviral Protein from Silk Worm Fecal Matter, Bombyx Mori (L) springer 2011
    10 Shivayogeswar E Neelagund Identification, Characterization of Novel Halophilic Bacillus Cereus Ms6: a Source for Extra Cellular A-Amylase AENSI publications 2011
    11 Shivayogeswar E Neelagund Solitary urethrocutaneous fistula managed by patio repair Wolters Kluwer 2011
    12 Shivayogeswar E Neelagund Staged buccal mucosa urethroplasty in reoperative hypospadias JPUROL 2011
    13 Shivayogeshwar E. Neelagund Apple pomice and orange peel as support for solid state fermentation to produce tetracycline from Streptomyces Remosus ncim ijpsdr 2011
    14 Shivayogeswar E Neelagund Geobacillus species Iso 5, a novel amylase-producing thermophile from thermal springs in Konkan region of southeran India. springer 2010
    15 Shivayogeswar E Neelagund Maternal Risk Factors Associated With Hypospadias Science flora 2010
    16 Shivayogeswar E Neelagund Protective effect of partially purified 35 kDa protein from silk worm (Bombyx mori. L) Fecal matter on carbon tetrachloride induced hepatotoxicity and in vitro anti-viral properties. Taylor and francis 2010
    17 Shivayogeswar E Neelagund Pesticide use in India: etiology of hypospadias. KLESH 2010
  • Research Projects

    SL # Title Funding Agency Co-Investigator Amount status
    1 Silk worm fecal matter (Bombyx mori): A novel source of Antibacterial and analgesic Protein. UGC none 612503 completed
    2 Instigation of role in antiviral activity of chlorophyll pigment associated with antiviral protein Purified from Silkworm fecal matter against NPV, in vitro. UGC none 38000 completed
    3 Synthesis and characterization of Magnetite (Fe3O4) nanoparticle to enhance the sustainability of some industrially viable hyperthermophilic enzymes by immobilization VGST none 1000000 completed
  • Awards

    SL # Award Name Award For Organization Year
    1 Post Doctoral Raman fellowship award from UGC Conducting post doctoral studies in United States of America for one year UGC, Govt. of INDIA 2015
    2 Young scientist award Excellence in research Vision Group on Science and Technology (VGST) Govt. of karnataka. 2014
  • Patents

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  • Research Scholars

    SL # Name Title Research Type
    1 Nalini S Adhar no- 745568019875 Electrochemical biosensors for the detection of biomolecules and cancer biomarkers Ph.D.
    2 Govinda Panduranga Misale Adhar no- 814098187274 a novel yeast for fermentation of alcohol from agricultural waste Ph.D.
    3 Mahesh M C Adhar no- 571332977515 A study on novel nanoparticles synthesis and their biological applications. Ph.D.
    4 Avinash B Adhar no- 699370818434 Synthesis of Novel Nanoparticles using Silk worm fecal matter: Characterization of nanoparticles for their Biological applications Ph.D.
    5 Kotresh K R Adhar no- 539675173347 Synthesis and characterization of magnetite (Fe3O4) nanoparticle to enhance the sustainability of some industrial viable thermophilic enzyme by immobilization Ph.D.
    6 Rajkumar S Meti Adhar no- 515440125450 Green synthesis of gold and silver nanoparticles from Acacia Sinuata Larvicidal activity against mosquito vectors of malaria and dengue Ph.D.
    7 R B Nerli Adhar no- 294463539826 Associations between hypospadias and selected maternal, pregnancy, and birth characteristics: case–control study Ph.D.
    8 Aisha Mohammed Ahmed Naji AL-Derasi Isolation, Purification and Characterization of Amylase from Endophytic Fungi Ph.D.
  • Research Alumni

    SL # Name Title of Thesis Research Type Year Address Email Id
    1 Dr Vinay G U isolation and ourification of novel bioactive protein/lectin from ganoderma species of western ghat regions in shivamooga and chickamagalur districts Ph.D. 2013 s/o R umakanth, kurudihalli village, balenahalli(post), challakere(tq) vinaygu.girijal@gmail.com
    2 Dr Gurumurthy D M biochemical studies on bacterial thermozymes from novel species and industrial and astrobiological importance Ph.D. 2013 s/o mahadevan d b, manjunatha nilaya, kuvempu road, shivamurhty circle, shimoga 577201 guru385@gmail.com
    3 Dr Basavaraj Vastrad production and characterization of antibiotics in solid state fermentation using agro industrial waste Ph.D. 2013 s/o prf m c vastrad, no 253, 2nd main, bharathi nagar, dharawada 580001 basavarajmv@gmail.com
    4 Mohammed Mohammed abdo al zaazaai Isolation, Purification and Biochemical characterization of alpha and beta amylases and lipases from halo-alcalophilic bacteria Ph.D. 2012 Lecturer, Dept of Pharmacy, National University Medical college, Eaiz city, Republic of Yemen mahammedaizazi@gmail.com
    5 Dr Raghavendra R Purification and Biochemical Characterization of antimicrobial/antiviral substances (protein) from silkworm (bombyx mori) fecal matter Ph.D. 2012 s/o ramappa k, JCR extension, 7th cross, chitradurga 577501 raghavbiochem@gmail.com