Dr.Niranjana Pathappa
M.Sc., Ph.D
Assistant Professor
Department of Biochemistry



  • Area Of Research

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    1 Insect pest management, Egg parasitoid and its host egg interaction, Transcriptome analysis of Trichogramma chilonis Ishii , Phytochemistry, Nanotechnology.

    Journals Publications

    SL # Authors Title Impact Factor Publisher Year
    1 Seetharamaiah Nandini, Seetharamaiah Nalini, Pathappa Niranjana, Jose Savio Melo and Gurukar Shivapp Metal-ion co-ordination assembly based multilayer of one dimensional Gold nanostructures and catalase as electrochemical sensor for the analysis of hydrogen peroxide, 5.4 Elsevier 2017
    2 Seetharamaiah Nandini, Seetharamaiah Nalini, M B Madhusudana Reddy, Gurukar Shivappa Suresh, Jose Sa Synthesis of one-dimensional gold nanostructures and the electrochemical application of the nanohybrid containing functionalized graphene oxide for cholesterol biosensing. 3.413 Royal Society of Chemisty 2016
    3 I.S. Vijayashree , P. Niranjana, G. Prabhu, V. V. Sureshbabhu and J. Manjana Conjugation of Au Nanoparticles with Chlorambucil for Improved Anticancer Activity 1.3 Springer 2016
    4 ME. Veena, P. Niranjana, P. Sharanappa and Rajeshwara N Achur Analgesic activity of Cryptocarya stocksii plant by hot plate method 0 akinic publication 2016
    5 ME. Veena, P. Niranjana, P. Sharanappa and Rajeshwara N Achur Phytochemical Screening and Evaluation of Antioxidant Potential of Crptocarya stocksii Plant Extracts 0.5 editorijrpc@gmail.com 2015
    6 S.Yallappa. J. Manjanna, B. L. Dhananjaya. U. Vishwanatha. B. Ravishankar. H. Gururaj .P. Niranjan Phytochemically Functionalized Cu and Ag Nanoparticles Embedded in MWCNTs for Enhanced Antimicrobial and Anticancer Properties 1.3 Springer 2015
    7 J. Shiva Kumar, S. Umesha, K. Shiva Prasad and P Niranjana Detection of quorum sensing molecules and biofilm formation in Ralstonia solanacearum 1.3 Springer 2015
    8 Seetharamaiah Nandini, Seetharamaiah Nalini, M B Madhusudana Reddy, Gurukar Shivappa Suresh, Jose Sa Development of a simple bioelectrode for the electrochemical detection of hydrogen peroxide using Pichia pastoris catalase immobilized on gold nanoparticle nanotubes and polythiophene hybrid 3.8 Royal Society of Chemisty 2014
    9 I.S. Vijayashree , S. Yallappa , P. Niranjana, and J. Manjanna, Microwave assisted synthesis of stable biofunctionalized silver nanoparticles using apple fruit (Malus domestica) extract 1.4 VBRI Press AB 2014
    10 Seetharamaiah Nandini, Seetharamaiah Nalini, Sangaraju Shanmugam, Pathappa Niranjana, Jose Savio Mel Rhoeodiscolor leaf extract as a novel immobilizing matrix for the fabrication of an electrochemical glucose and hydrogen peroxide biosensor 1.9 Royal Society of Chemisty 2014
    11 G. Ashok Kumar, S. K. Jalali, M.Nagesh, T.Venkatesan and P. Niranjana, Genetic variation in artificially selected strains of the egg parasitoid, Trichogramma chilonis Ishii (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) using RAPD Analysis 0 SBA 2010
    12 P Niranjana, K P Gopalakrishna Rao, D V Sudhakar Rao and B Madhusudhan Effect of controlled atmosphere storage (CAS) on Antioxidant Enzymes and DPPH- Radical scavenging activity of mango (Mangifera indica L.) Alphonso 0.5 African Scholarly Science Communications Trust 2009
    13 G. Ashok Kumar, Sushil K. Jalali, T. Venkatesan, Richard Stouthamer, P Niranjana and Y. Lalitha Internal Transcribed Spacer-2 restriction fragment length polymorphism (ITS-2 -RFLP) tool to differentiate some exotic and indigenous trichogrammatid egg parasitoids in India 2.3 Elsevier 2009
    14 Srinivasa Murthy K, S. K. Jalali. Venkatesan T, Rajeshwari R and Niranjana P Comparative biology of different populations of cotesia flavipes (Cameron) on Chilo partellus (Swinhoe), 2.3 Wiley 2009
    15 P Niranjana, K P Gopalakrishna Rao, D V Sudhakar Rao and B Madhusudhan Effect of pre-cooling and heat treatment on antioxidant enzymes profile of mango and banana 0.5 African Scholarly Science Communications Trust 2009


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  • Research Projects

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    1 Biochemical characterization of insecticide tolerant strains of Trichogramma species from paddy fields Kuvempu University/ UGC-unassigned grant. - 50000 Completed
    2 Identification and Biochemical characterization of Organophosphours Pesticide tolerant strains of Trichogramma from paddy fields. UGC-MRP Dr.S.K.JALALI 1438000 Ongoing
  • Awards

    SL # Award Name Award For Organization Year
    1 DBT-Post Doctoral Fellow Role of non-structural proteins in FMDV replication ICAR -INDIAN VETERINARY RESEARCH INSTITUTE (ICAR-IVRI) Bangalore-5600024 2009
    2 DBT-SRF Govt of India Development of multiple insecticide tolerant strain of Trichogramma, a Bio-control agent ICAR-National Bureau of Agricultural Insect Resources (ICAR-NBAIR) Bangalore-560024 2005
    3 ICAR- World Bank Funded-Senior Research Fellow NATP-Team of Excellence on Post-harvest Management of Fruits and Vegetables Indian Institute of Horticulture Research (IIHR), Bangalore, India. 2000
    4 ICAR-Research Associate Development of ELISA for pesticide residue analysis Indian Institute of Horticulture Research (IIHR), Bangalore-5600089 India. 1997
  • Patents

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  • Research Scholars

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    1 Naveen Kumar HN 6962 2188 2742 Biochemical Characterization of Effects of Organophosphorus Pesticides on Drosophila and Trichogramma Ph.D.
    2 Nandini S 5046 8015 9957 Metal nanoparticles for the construction of Enzymatic Biosensors Ph.D.
    3 Sowmya HR 213357300655 On the regulation of canopy architecture in Rice - An approach based on genetic and molecular analysis of contrasting mutants Ph.D.
    4 Vinay kumar B.S 486133490710 Development of Bensor for the detection of organo phosphorus pesticides in milk ,milk products and feed stuff. Ph.D.
    5 K.S.Manjunatha Gowda 5087 7859 0968 Biochemical characterization of antiviral Red Florescent Protein (RFP) isolated from Silkworm Bomboyx mori L. Ph.D.
    6 Keri Biochemical and Molecular characterization of Esterase form Trichogramma (Thichogrammatidae: Hymennoptera). Ph.D.
    7 Dr.Veena .M .E/367508701783 Isolation and characterization of pharmacologically active components from Cryptocarya stocksii and Nardostachys jatamansi Ph.D.
    8 Rajeshwari R 985813619550 Effect of Organophosphorus pesticides on Trichogramma-Role of esterase Ph.D.
    9 Vijayashree. I.S,266050694589 Biosynthesis,characterization and pharmacotoxicological effect of noble metal nanoparticles and their alloys Ph.D.
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