Dr.Kumaraswamy H M
M.Sc., Ph.D
Assistant Professor
Department of Biotechnology



  • Area Of Research

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    1 Cancer Biology, Medicinal Plants, Anti-cancer Therapeutics

    Journals Publications

    SL # Authors Title Impact Factor Publisher Year
    1 Pooja Karkera, Sandeep Telkar, Usha BM, Kumara Swamy HM and Ravikumar Y S. Computational Screening of Flavonoids For Hcv Inhibition 0 IJRET 2016
    2 Mahadevappa Paramesha, Chapeyil Kumaran Ramesh, Venkatarangaiah Krishna, H. Malleshappa Kumar Swa Effect of dehydroabietylamine in angiogenesis and GSK3- inhibition during wound healing activity in rats. 1.43 Springer: Med Chem Res 2014
    3 Khadeer B. M. Ahamed Harish Basavanthappa Gowdru, Sharath Rajashekarappa Kumar Swamy H. Mal Molecular docking of glycogen synthase kinase3-b inhibitor oleanolic acid and its wound-healing activity in rats. 1.43 Springer: Med Chem Res 2012
    4 Harish B. Gowdru, Shrath Rajashekarappa, Kumara Swamy H. Malleshappa, Katenahally R. Maruth In vitro regeneration of Inflorescence and callus enhancement of Celastrus paniculatus Willd. 1.4 Global Science Books: MAPSB 2011
    5 R. Sharath, B.G. Harish, V. Krishna, B.N. Sathyanarayana and H.M. Kumara Swamy. Wound Healing and Protease Inhibition, Activity of Bacoside-A, Isolated from Bacopa monnieri Wettest. 2.66 Wiley Online Library:. Phytother Res. 2010
    6 B.G. Harish., V. Krishna., H.S. Santhosh Kumar, B.M. Khdeer Ahamed, R. Sharath, H.M Kumaraswamy. Wound healing activity and docking of GSK3-β with lupeol isolated from Celastrus paniculatus Willd. 3.5 Elsevier: Phytomedicine 2008
    7 Prabhakara, M. C., Naik, H. S. Bhojya, Krishna, V. and Kumaraswamy, H. M. Binding and Oxidative Cleavage Studies of DNA by Mixed Ligand Co(III) and Ni(II) Complexes of Quinolo [3,2-b]Benzodiazapine and 1,10-Phenanthroline 0.76 Taylor and Francis:Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids 2007
    8 B.M. Khadeer Ahamed, V. Krishna., Harish B.Gowdru., H. Raja Naika, H.M. Kumaraswamy, R. Sha Isolation of bactericidal constituents from the stem bark extracts of Grewia tiliaefolia Vahl 0.2 Academic Journals Inc:Research Journal of Medicinal Plants 2007
    9 Kumaraswamy H.M., Krishna,V., Shankarmurthy,K., Abdul Rahiman,B, Mankani, K.L., Mahadevan,K Wound healing activity of embelin isolated from the ethanol extract of leaves of Embelia ribes Burm. 3 Elsevier: Journal of Ethnopharmocology 2007
    10 Harish B. G, Krishna,V. Sharath R, H.M. Kumara swamy, Raja naika H., Mahadevan K. M. Antibacterial activity of celapanin, a sesquiterpene isolated from the leaves of Celastrus paniculatus Willd. 0.35 Int. J. Bio Med. Pharma. Sci 2007
    11 Rajnaika H, Krishna .V, Vardaraj. N and Kumaraswamy H.M Microppropogation and Evaluation of Genetic variability among in Vitro regenerants of Nervalia zeylanica 0 GSB: Med. Aroma. Plant Sci. Biotech 2007


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    Book Chapters

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    1 Supriya Srinivasan, Venkatakrishna Jala, Kumaraswamy Honnenahally, Jason Castellanos, Praveen Kumar Urolithin A prevents pancreatic tumor growth and increases survival by inhibiting PI3K/PDK1 and STAT3 signaling AACR; Cancer Research 2017
    2 Jason Castellanos, Supriya Srinivasan, Kumaraswamy Honnenahally, Chanjuan Shi, Michael N Vansaun, Da Oncogenic mutant KRAS modulates CREB activation through MEK-ERK and AKT signaling in pancreatic canc AACR:Cancer Research 2016
    3 Kumaraswamy Honnenahally, Chanjuan Shi, Xi Chen, Jason Castellanos, Nipun Merchant, Timothy Blackwel γH2AX: A molecular marker of DNA damage response in smoking-induced pancreatic ductal adenocarc AACR; Cancer Res 2015
    4 4.Jason Castellanos, Kumaraswamy Honnenahally, Chanjuan Shi, Nipun Merchant, Nagaraj Nagathihalli GM-CSF induces CREB signaling pathways and modulates tobacco carcinogen-induced pancreatic tumorigenesis. AACR: Cancer Research 2015
    5 N. Nagathihalli, K. Honnenahally, H. Tanjore , F. Revetta , X. Chen ,J. Castellanos , C. Shi , N. Me Smoking-Induced DNA Damage Results in ATM-Dependent Phosphorylation of Histone H2AX in Pancreatic Ca wolterskluwer: Pancreas 2014


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  • Research Projects

    SL # Title Funding Agency Co-Investigator Amount status
    1 Acetogenins Modulate ATM Signalling in Nicotine induced Chemoresistance in Pancreatic Cancer. DST Nil 2370000 Ongoing
    2 Embelin Can Modulate Ataxia-Telangiectasia Mutated (ATM) Signalling In Nicotine Induced Chemoresistant Pancreatic Cancer DST-SERB Nil 5210554 Approved
    3 Evaluation of Antiarthritic Property of the Bioactive Constituents of Embelia ribes Burm. UGC Prof. V . Krishna 914300 Completed
  • Awards

    SL # Award Name Award For Organization Year
    1 Young Investigator Award Oral pesentation- Smoking induced DNA damage results in ATM dependent phosphorylation of Histone H2AX in pancreatic cancer American Pancreatic Association,USA 2014
    2 CV Raman Post Doctoral Award Tenable in USA Post Doctoral Research UGC, New Delhi 2013
  • Patents

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  • Research Scholars

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    1 Sandeep Kumar Jain R Evaluation of Bioactive Principles from Garcinia talbotii Raizada. for their Therapeutic Potential Ph.D.
    2 Meghana P Investigation and Screening of Bioactive ConstituentsFrom Artabotyrs odoratissimus R.Br. Ph.D.
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