Dr.Krishnamurthy Y L
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  • Area Of Research

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    1 Plant Taxonomy and Biodiversity, Lichenology, Fungal Endophytes, Molecular Biology

    Journals Publications

    SL # Authors Title Impact Factor Publisher Year
    1 Srinivas S G and Y L Krishnamurthy Taxonomy and Distribution of Genus Litsea Lam. (Lauraceae) in Western Ghats of Karnataka, India. 0 Journal of Indian Botanical Society, 95(3 & 4) 2016
    2 Srinivas S G and Y L Krishnamurthy Diversity and Distribution of Litsea in Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka 0 Tropical Plant Research, 3(3) 2016
    3 Shravan Kumar S and YL Krishnamurthy Flavobathelium epiphyllum: A new addition to the Foliicolus lichen flora of India 0.14 Indian Forester, 142(6) 2016
    4 Nanda A, Prakasha HM, Suresh HS and Krishnamurthy YL. Canopy, Understorey, Leaf Phenology and Seasonality in Tropical Dry Forest, Southern India. 0 Advances in Forestry Letters, 5: 1-6. 2016
    5 Srinivash SG and Krishnamurthy YL. Distribution of Litsea floribunda (Lauraceae), A Dioceous Tree Endemic to Western Ghats of India. 0 Indian Journal of Ecology, 43 (1) 2016
    6 Avinash,K.S, H.S.Ashwini, H.N.Rameshbabu and Y L Krishnamurthy Antimicrobial potential of crude extracts of Curvularia lunata, an endophytic fungi isolated from Cymbopogon caesius 0 Journal of Mycology 2015
    7 K.S. Avinash and Y.L.Krishnamurthy Diversity of fungal endophyte communities in lemon grass (Cymbopogon spp.) growing in areas of Central Western Ghats, Karnataka, India 0 Kavaka-44 2015
    8 Sharavan Kumar Subramanya and Yelugere Linganaik Krishnamurthy Two new lichen species of the genus Coenogonium (Ostropales: Coenogoniaceae) from the Western Ghats in India 0 Kavaka-44 2015
    9 Sharavan Kumar Subramanya and Yelugere Linganaik Krishnamurthy New distribution records of Strigula (Strigulaceae, Ascomycota) from the Western Ghats in India. 0.59 Polish Botanical Journal, 60 (1) 2015
    10 Ashwini H S, K S Shravankumar and Y L Krishnamurthy Ecology and Phenology of plant communities of Gentianaceae in montane grasslands of Karnataka, southern India 0 Tropical Plant Reseach,1(3) 2014
    11 Ramachandra Naik M, Karupaswamy S and Y L Krishnamurthy Micropropagation of Caralluma stalagmifera var. longipetala - A Rare Succulent Medicinal plant from Karnataka, India 0.44 African Journal of Biotechnology, 13(35) 2014
    12 Shankar Naik B, M Krishnappa and Y L Krishnamurthy Biodiversity of Endophytic fungi from seven herbaceous medicinal plants of Malnad Region, Western Ghats, Southern India. 0 Journal of Forestry Research, 25(3). 2014
    13 Ashwini H S, Aruna K B, Srinivas S G and Y L Krishnamurthy Grasses of Bababudengiri-Kemmanugundi montane highlands of Karnataka,India 0 International Journal of Science and Nature,5(4) 2014
    14 Nanda A, H S Suresh, and YL Krishnamurthy. Phenology of a tropical dry deciduous forest of Bhadra wild life sanctuary, Southern India. 0 Ecological Process, 3(1) 2014
    15 Shankar Naik B and Y L Krishnamurthy Endophytic communities from Phyllanthus amarus with special reference to Aureobasidium pullulans. 0 Journal of Agricultural Technology, 9(5) 2013
    16 Ramachandra Naik M and Y L Krishnamurthy. Xerophyte Caralluma stalagmifera ver.longipetala (Asclepiadaceae): a new record to the Flora of Karnataka, India. 0 Journal of Threatened Taxa 4(6) 2012
    17 Vinayaka K S, S. Nayaka, Y L Krishnamurthy and D K Upriti. A Report on Some Macro lichens New to Karnataka, India. 0 Journal of Threatened Taxa 4(1) 2012
    18 A Nanda, HM Prakasha and YL Krishnamurthy Leafing patterns and seasonality at community level in a Tropical dry Deciduous forest of Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka, Southern India 0 Tree and Forest Science and Biotechnology 2011
    19 K S Vinayaka, S Shravanakumar, E S K Udupa and Y L Krishnamurthy Diversity of Epiphytic Lichens and Evaluation of Important Host Species Exploited by Them in Tropical Semi-Evergreen and Deciduous Forests of Koppa, Central Western Ghats, India 0 The Asian and Australasian Journal of Plant Science and Biotechnology 2011
    20 Ghimire, S. R., Nicki D Charlton, Jeremy Bell, Y.L. Krishnamurthy, K. D. Craven Biodiversity of fungal endophyte communities inhabiting switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) growing in the native tall grass prairie of northern Oklahoma. 13.46 Fungal diversity, 47(1) 2011
    21 Y L Krishnamurthy, H M Prakasha, Nanda A, M Krishnappa, H S Dattaraja and H S Suresh Vegetation Structure and floristic composition of Tropical Dry Deciduous forest in Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka, India 1.3 Tropical Ecology, 51(2) 2010
    22 Nanda, A., H. M. Prakasha, Y. L. Krishnamurthy and H.S.Suresh Phenology of a tropical dry forest: Study from Bhadra wild life sanctuary, Karnataka, peninsular India. 0 Indian Journal of Forestry 33(2) 2010
    23 Krishnamurthy, Y. L., H. M. Prakasha, A. Nanda., M. Krishnappa, H. S. Dattaraja, and H. S. Suresh Vegetation structure and floristic composition of a tropical dry deciduous forest in Bhadra Wild life sanctuary, Karnataka, India 0.88 Tropical Ecology 51(2) 2010
    24 Krishnamurthy, Y. L., H. M. Prakasha and A. Nanda Floristic diversity of Bhadra wildlife sanctuary in the central Western Ghats region, Karnataka 0 The Indian Forester 135(10) 2009
    25 Krishnamurthy, Y. L., J. Shashikala & B. Shankarnaik Diversity and seasonal variation of endophytic fungal communities associated with some medicinal trees of Western Ghats, Southern India 0 Sydowia 61 2009
    26 Shankarnaik, B.,J.Shashikala and Y.L.Krishnamurthy Study on the diversity of endophytic communities from rice (Oryza sativa) and their antagonistic activities in vitro. 3.03 Microbiological Research 164 2009
    27 Krishnamurthy,Y. L. and J. Shashikala Antifungal Potential of Some natural products against A. flavus in Soybean seeds during storage 0 Journal of Stored Products Research 44 2008
    28 Krishnamurthy Y.L. and B.Shankarnaik Fungal Communities in Herbaceous Medicinal plants from Malnad region, Southern India 0 Microbes and Environments 32(1) 2008
    29 Shankarnaik, B., J. Shashikala and Y. L. Krishnamurthy Host Growth characteristics influenced by seed inoculation with microorganisms. 0 World Journal of Agricultural Sciences 4(s) 2008
    30 Shankarnaik, B., J. Shashikala, Y.L. Krishnamurthy Diversity of fungal endophytes in shrubby medicinal plants of malnad region, Western Ghats, Southern India 0 Fungal Ecology 1 2008
    31 Prakasha, H. M., A. Nanda and Y.L. Krishnamurthy Tree Species Composition, Diversity and Dominance along a Disturbance Gradient in Tropical Dry Deciduous Forests of Bhadra Sanctuary 0 Ind.J Ecology 34(1) 2007
    32 Shashikala J, Y L Krishnamurthy and B. Shankarnaik Production of aflatoxin by different Aspergillus flavus isolates on raw and cooked soybeans 0 Plant Disease Research 2006
    33 Krishnamurthy, Y.L. and J. Shashikala Inhibition of aflatoxin B1 production of A. flavus, isolation from soybean seeds by certain natural plant products. 0 Letters in Applied Microbiology 43 2006
    34 Krishnamurthy Y.L. Direct and indirect organogenesis through bublil explants culture of Curculigo orchioides Gaertn. 0 Adv. Plant Sci. 18 (1) 2005
    35 Krishnamurthy Y.L. and T.V. Hemalatha Isolation of endophytic fungi from some grasses. 0 J. Mycol. Pl. Pathol. 33(2) 2003
    36 Krishnamurthy Y.L. and K.A. Raveesha Seed-borne nature and location of Cladosporium cladosporides in Soybean. 0 Plant Dis. Research 16 (2) 2001
    37 Krishnamurthy Y.L. and K.A. Raveesha, Seed Mycoflora of Soyabean in Karanataka. 0 Plant Dis. Research 11(1) 1996
    38 Krishnamurthy, Y.L. and K.A. Raveesha Histopathology of Soybean seed infected with A.flavus. 0 Seed Research 24(6) 1996


    SL # Authors Title Publisher Year
    1 Krishnamurthy Y.L. and Shravan Kumar S. Foliicolous lichens of Central Western Ghats, India. Lambert Academic Publishing Germany. 2017

    Book Chapters

    SL # Authors Title Publisher Year
    1 Naik M.R., Krishnamurthy Y.L. and Karupaswamy S. Genetic diversity assessment of Caralluma adscendens. In: Plant DNA Bar Coding and Phylogenetics. Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany 2015
    2 A. Nanda, H M. Prakasha and Y.L. Krishnamurthy Vegetative phenology of tropical dry deciduous forest of Bhadra Wild Life Sanctuary S Kannaiyan and A Gopalam, Associated Publishing Company, New Delhi 2008
    3 H M. Prakasha ,A. Nanda, and Y.L. Krishnamurthy Comparative analysis of tree species composition, diversity and dominance along a disturbance gradient in tropical dry deciduous forests of Bhadra Wild Life Sanctuary S Kannaiyan and A Gopalam, Associated Publishing Company, New Delhi 2008


    SL # Authors Title Organizer Year
    1 Y L Krishnamurthy and Shravan Kumar S Phenotype and Genotype based cladistic analysis of the Genus Strigula (Follicolus lichens) present in Western Ghats region of Karnataka, India SGEM Vienna Green Geoconference, Vienna, Austria 2016
    2 Y L Krishnamurthy and Srinivas S G Male and Female ratio distribution of Litsea floribunda, A Dioecious tree in Central Western Ghats of Karnataka. IAAT and IAPT International Seminar, University of Calicut, Kerala 2015
    3 Y L Krishnamurthy & Avinash K S Endophytic Fungi of Grasses 10th International Mycological Congress, Bangkok, Thailand 2014
    4 Y L Krishnamurthy and Shravan Kumar S Enumeration of Foliicolous Lichen Biota in Shivamogga District, Karnataka 3rd Indian Biodiversity Congress, SRM University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 2014
    5 Y L Krishnamurthy Lichenology FEMS, 5th Congress on European Microbiologist, Leipzig, Germany 2013
    6 Y L Krishnamurthy Participated Wildlife Flowers Meet, Forest Department, Govt. of Karnataka 2010
    7 Y L Krishnamurthy Evaluation of Cultural Characteristics and Aflatoxin production in Aspergillus flavus. IMC - 9, The Biology of Fungi, Edinburgh, UK 2010
    8 Y L Krishnamurthy 32nd All India Botanical conference Kuvempu University, Shankaraghatta 2009
    9 Y L Krishnamurthy Participated 4th Global summit on Medicinal and Aromatic plants, Kuching, Malaysia 2009
    10 Y L Krishnamurthy 31st All India Botanical conference University of Allahabad, Allabahad 2008
    11 Y L Krishnamurthy 2nd Asian Congress of Mycology and Plant Pathology, Microbial Diversity and Asian Prosperity Dept. of Botany, Osmania University 2007
    12 Y L Krishnamurthy Train the trainers workshop (Globe program) held at Shimla , H P University Ministry of Environ. and Forestry, Govt. of India, and world GLOBE program 2005
    13 Y L Krishnamurthy Global conference-II Plant health global wealth Ind. Soc. of Mycology Pl. Pathology MPAU, Udaipur, Rajasthan 2005
    14 Y L Krishnamurthy 26th Annual Conference and National level symposium on Advances in Fungal Diversity and Host Pathogen Interactions Dept. of Botany, Goa University Panaji 2004


    SL # Authors Title Publisher Year
    1 Y L Krishnamurthy Utilization of Lichens in Karnataka British Lichen Society, London, Vol.109 2011
    2 Y L Krishnamurthy Sacred groove in Kannada language PavithraVana :Suwarna Karnataka Male-4, Bangalore University 2010
    3 Y L Krishnamurthy Endophyte: the real untapped high energy bio-fuel resource British Lichen Society, London, Vol.109 2010
  • Research Projects

    SL # Title Funding Agency Co-Investigator Amount status
    1 A study on ecology of herbaceous plant communities in montane grasslands of Kemmannugundi and Bababudengiri areas of Karnataka UGC, Govt of India H. N.Ramesh Babu 9 Completed
    2 Diversity and molecular phylogeny of follicolous Lichens of Western Ghats ,India DST, Govt. of India H N Ramesh Babu 36 Completed
    3 A study on ecology of herbaceous plant communities in montane grasslands of Kemmannugundi and Bababudengiri areas of Karnataka UGC, Govt of India H N Ramesh Babu 9 Completed
    4 Studies on macrolichen diversity of Chikmagulur and Shimoga district, Karnataka UGC, Govt of India None 5 Completed
    5 Floristic diversity of Bhadra Wild life Sanctuary,Karnataka MoEF, Govt. of India None 6 Completed
  • Awards

    SL # Award Name Award For Organization Year
    1 Bursary Award IAL-7, Bangkok, Thailand British Lichenological Society, London 2012
    2 Bursary Award IMC-9 Edinburgh, UK British Mycological Society, London 2010
    3 Overseas Associateship Award to visit overseas lab (from 4th January 2009 to 5th July 2009 at Plant biology division, Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA) Department of Biotechnology, Govt of India 2008
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  • Research Scholars

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    1 Srinivas S G, 760945551622 Studies on Diversity and Molecular Phylogeny of Litsea spp. in Western Ghats of Karnataka Ph.D.
    2 Adithya Rao G S, 959892236328 Taxonomic studies on the Flowering Plants of Shivamogga District - The Present Status Ph.D.
    3 Yogeesh Naik H S, 865975069600 Taxonomic studies on the Grasses and Sedges of Shivamogga District Ph.D.
  • Research Alumni

    SL # Name Title of Thesis Research Type Year Address Email Id
    1 Shravanakumar S Diversity and Ecology of Foliicolus Lichens in Central Western Ghats region of Karnataka, India Ph.D. 2016 Sringeri k.shravanakumar@yahoo.com