Dr.Somashekar G Malammanavar
M.Sc., Ph.D
Assistant Professor
Department of Applied Botany



  • Area Of Research

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    1 Phycology,Biodiversity, Medicinal Plants.

    Journals Publications

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    1 Abhijit,H.U., Aruna K.B., Malammanavar, S.G. and Udupa, E.S.K. Documention of wild gressesin Kuvempu University Campus, Central Western Ghats of Karnataka Vol. 8,Issue, 04 pp.29220-29223 0 International Journal of Current Research 2016
    2 S.G.Malammanavar and Nagaraja O., Seed-Borne Fungi of Wheat Related Products.Volume 3 Issue 8 pp.9-12 0 International Journal of Scientific Research and Engineering Studies.Volume 3 Issue 8. 2016
    3 Rashhmi B.S. and Somashekar Malammanavar G. Diversity of phytoplankton of L akkinakkoppa Pond Shivamogga Dist. Karnataka. Vol. 2(3),pp. 87-91. 0 Indian Journal of Plant Science 2013
    4 Malammanavar S.G. and Roopa Herbal Folk Medicines of Honnavar Taluk, Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka, India 0 Kuvempu University Science Journal. 8-19 2006
    5 T.S. Harsha andS.G.Malammanavar Assessment of phytoplankton density in relation to environmental variables in Gopalswamy pond at Chitradurga, Karnataka 0 Journal of Environmental Biology. Vol.25(1)pp.113-116 2004
    6 G.R.Hegde and S.G.Malammanavar Rice Field Algae of Dharwad:EUASTRUM PSEUDOSPINULOSUM Sp. Nov.(Chlorophyceae) from Mugud. 0 Karnatak University Scince Journal Dharwad. 1989
    7 G.R.Hegde and S.G.Malammanavar Algal flora in the Paddy fields of Dharwad, Karnataka State 0 Geobios new Reports 8: 168-170, 1989
    8 G.R.Hegde and S.G.Malammanavar Some Noteworthy Rice Field Algae of Dharwad, Karnataka State 0 PHYKOS:27 : 4-7 1988


    SL # Authors Title Publisher Year
    1 Somashekar G.Malammanavar Plant Ecology and Plant Geography Kuvempu University, Distance Education Council 2003
    2 Somashekar G.Malammanavar and M.B.Shivanna Plant Physiology Kuvempu University, Distance Education Council 2003

    Book Chapters

    SL # Authors Title Publisher Year
    1 Malammanavar S.G. Diversity and Distribution of phytoplanton in Rangenahalli Pond of Chikkamagaluru Karnataka Goa University 2015
    2 S.G.Malammanavar and Ramesh N. LIMNOLOGICAL STUDIES OF PONDS OF CHIKKAMAGALURE, KARNATAKA Ecology and Polluted Water. 2004


    SL # Authors Title Organizer Year
    1 Malammanavar S.G. and Sushma N. M. Species composition and population density of periphytic algal flora of two macrophytes of Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka Recent Advances in Biotechnology. RNCArts, JDB Commerce 2016


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    1 - - - 2016
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    1 - - 2016
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