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  • Research Projects

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    1 Isolation of Curcumin, synthesis of metal complexes and study of their pharmacological activity Principal Investigator UGC unassigned grant UGC unassigned grant NONE 35000 Completed
    2 DST-FIST DST NONE 2200000 Completed
    3 Consultancy Co-ordinatorMysore Paper Mills BDVT Mysore Paper Mills BDVT NONE 850000 Completed
    4 Development of Nano Titanium Oxide based Transition Metal compounds thin film for Thermal Sensors applications. NRB NONE 1000000 Completed
    5 Non-Self Assistance Program Co-ordinator UGC NONE 100000 Completed
    6 Carrier Oriented Program Co-ordinator UGC NONE 700000 Completed
    7 Studies on DNA binding and cleavage studies by Cyclic Voltammetry Whichita State University. USA. NONE 1220000 Completed
    8 Synthesis of metal complexes with fused Aromatic ligands as potential agents in anticancer treatment: QSAR, DNA binding and cleavage studies UGC NONE 708756 Completed
    9 M.Tech in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology DST NONE 28700000 Ongoing
    10 Development of metal based photosensitizer for photodynamic therapy BRNS NONE 1950000 Completed
  • Awards

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    1 Sadhana Puraskar Award . Outstanding performance in teaching and Research in the University KUVEMPU UNIVERSITY 2009
  • Patents

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    1 Prof.H.S. BHOJYA NAIK Indian Provisional Patent Application No. 32/CHE/2015 , Filed on: January 02, 2015 Title: “ANTIMICROBIAL COMPOUNDS, SYNTHESIS AND APPLICATIONS THERE OF” K&S Ref.: IP29190/YK/aa 2015
  • Research Scholars

    SL # Name Title Research Type
    1 Giridhar M. 300117253634 Synthesis and Characterization of functionalized nano material with photo responsive compounds and its biological applications Ph.D.
    2 ARUN KUMAR G 477432487528 Studies on Surface modified metal nanoparticles; Optical and biological applications Ph.D.
    3 S.B. Patil 608124078925 Preparation, characterization of ferrite nanocomposite materials and their photocatalytic activities. Ph.D.
    4 Madhukar Naik M. 757206523695 Development of metal doped ferrite nanocomposites for optical and photocatalytic applications. Ph.D.
    5 Amith Nayak P.H. 826680052744 Design and Development of metal based materials for opto-electronic applications Ph.D.
    6 Teja H.B. 66091948727 Development of new metal based photosensitizers for photodynamic antimicrobial chemiotherapy and alternative approach to antimicrobial drugs Ph.D.
    7 Mohammed Abdullha Mohammed Bajiri Nanoparticles for photocatalytic applications Ph.D.
    8 Suresh Gowda I.K. 6237 Design and Development of Transition and Inner transition metal nanocomposites of biological importance Ph.D.
    9 DR. R. VISWANATH, 955454924188 Studies on Surface modified metal nanoparticles as biological applications Post Doctoral
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