Dr.S.V. Krishnamurthy
M.Sc., Ph.D
Department of Environmental Science



  • Area Of Research

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    1 Amphibian Ecology, Ecotoxicology

    Journals Publications

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    1 Gurushankara, H.P, S. V. Krishnamurthy and V. Vasudev Effect of Methyl Parathion on survival and Development of Tadpoles of Indian Cricket frog Fejervarya 1 University of Brawijaya, Indonesia 2016
    2 Ganapati Hegde and S. V. Krishnamurthy Health Status of Common Frog Fejervarya limnocharis (Anura: Ranidae) in Rice-Paddy Agroecosystems of 0 International Digital Organization for Scientific Information 2014
    3 Ganapati H, Mahesh, M, Sushma, S.G, Vinodbabu, N, Vijayakumar, N.S and S.V. Krishnamurthy. Influence of combinations of pesticides and fertilizers on aquatic productivity 0 Scientific Research 2014
    4 Ganapati Hegde and S. V. Krishnamurthy Analysis of health status of the frog Fejervarya limnocharis (Anura: Ranidae) living in rice paddy f 1 Ecotox-Basil 2004


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  • Research Projects

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    1 Studies on the effects of a few Organophosphorus insecticides on the fauna of amphibians to understand their decline in Western Ghats UGC 400000 Completed
    2 Comparative Studies on Amphibian Diversity and Habitat Ecology in Various Types of Forests and Agriculture Fields of Malnad Regions of Western Ghats in Karnataka DST, GOI 750000 completed
    3 Identifying agents of amphibian decline in the central Western Ghats: the impact of nitrate fertilizer on reproductive success THE DECLINING AMPHIBIAN POPULATION TASK FORCE, (IUCN/SSC), UNITED KINGDOM 2300 completed
    4 Combined effects of Nitrate and Malathion (organophosphate pesticide) on growth and development of anuran amphibians in Western Ghats UGC 949800 Completed
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    1 British Scholars Association Post Doctoral 0 svkrishnamurthy@gmail.com
    2 State Alumni Post Doctoral 0