Dr.Narayana Jogattappa
M.Sc., Ph.D
Department of Environmental Science



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    1 Aquatic Ecology. Environmental Management

    Journals Publications

    SL # Authors Title Impact Factor Publisher Year
    1 Chandru Patil and J.Narayana Impact of biofertilizers along with combination of different level of N,P and K on nutrient uptake in gherkin (Cucumis anguria L.) 0 IJPS International journal of plant sciences 2017
    2 J.Narayan, Savinaya M S, Manjunath S and Rudresh S. Distribution and Diversity of flora and fauna in and around Kuvempu University campus, bhadra wildlife sanctuary range, Karnataka 1.028 International Journal of plant and animal and environmental sciences 2017
    3 Sharanappa Jangandi, Chaitra B. Negalur, J. Narayan, H. C. Lakshman Effect of phosphate solubilizing bacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi with and without rock phosphate on four forest tree seedlings. 0.614 International Journal of Bioassays 2017
    4 Sharanappa Jangandi, J. Narayan, H.C. Lakshman and Chaitra B. Negalur. Influence of AM Fungus Glomus geosporum (Nicol. & Gerd.) Walker on Chlorophyll content and Biochemical changes in four AMF disputed plants 0.471 Annals of Plant Sciences 2017
    5 Sharanappa Jangandi, Chaitra B. Negalur, Narayan and H.C. Lakshman. Synergistic effect between phosphate solubilizing bacteria and vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on growth and p uptake in Cajanus cajana L. (Pigeon pea) 0.641 International Journal of Bioassays 2017
    6 SharanappaJangandi, NarayanJ, H.C Lakshman and Chaitra B. Negalur Effect of AM Fungi with Additional Phosphate to Improve Plant Growth, Biomass Yield and PUptake in Melia azadirachta L. (Gaeortner.) Roxb 2.425 Life Science Informatics Publications 2017
    7 Narayana J An Emerging Technique For Deflouridation Of Water - A Nanotechnology 0 IOSR Journal of Environmental science, Toxicology and Food technology(IOSR-JESTFT) 2016
    8 Savinaya MS, Sangamesh S Patil, Narayana J and Krishna V Traditional medicine knowledge and diversity of medicinal plants in Sharavathi valley region of central western ghats 2.47 International Journal of Herbal Medicine 2016
    9 Somnath Sen ,Jogattappa Narayana , Ramachandran Gurumurthy , Beerappa Ravichandran Workplace Respirable Dust Monitoring And Risk Factor Assessment In Foundry Process, Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Technology 0 Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Technology 2016
    10 AnilKumar. D Talageri, J. Narayana and Kulapati Hipparagi Evaluation of pesticide residues in spice crop on Ginger (Zingeber offcinale rocs.) 4.23 International Journal of life sciences 2016
    11 Nagaraj parisara , j.narayana b.r.kiran and e.t.puttaiah ecology and distribution of diatoms in konandur pond of thirthahalli taluk, karnataka 4.446 Int. Journal of Applied and pure sciences and agriculture 2016
    12 J.Narayan, Savinaya M S and Manjunath S A Study of Water quality and Phytoplankton diversity of Sharavathi River basin, Central Western Ghats, Karnataka, India 0 International Journal of Environmental Sciences 2016
    13 Manjunath.S, J. Narayana and B.R. Kirana Diversity and distribution of aquatic macrophytes in Gudavi wetland , sorab taluk, Karnataka, India 5.42 Internation Journal ogf basic and applied sciences 2016
    14 Sen Somnath., Narayana.j,Ravichandran,B., DhananjayanV., Gaikwad A.S Biological monitoring of PAHs exposure among the foundry workers 0 International Journal of Research in Chemistry and Environment 2016
    15 J. Narayan, Spoorthi, and Prakash kariyazzanavar Degradation of pulp and paper mill industrial dyes using carbon electrodes 4.183 Int. J. Environmental sciences 2015
    16 Dr. K.Harish Kumar1, Dr. B.R.Kiran and Prof. J.Narayana Diversity Of Zooplankton In Sewage Fed Tank Of Bhadravathi Taluk, Karnataka 0 International Journal of Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology 2015
    17 Sharanappa Jangandi, J. Narayana, Mudalagiriyapa Natural resource management through different agro-forestry land use system in central dry zone(IV) of Karnataka Green Farming 0 .. 2015
    18 S.B.Parameswarappa* and J. Narayana Impact of noise on hearing and hypertension among workers in steel industry 0 Int.J.Curr.Microbiol.App.Sci 2015
    19 Sowrabha .J and J.Narayana Drinking Water Quality Assessment Of Commercial Areas In Shivamogga Town Using Physico-Chemical Parameters,NSF-WQI Karnataka-India 4.396 International Journal for Scientific Research and Developmen 2014
    20 S.B.Parameswarappa* and J.Narayana Assessment of dust level in working environment and study of impact of dust on health of workers in steel industry 4.119 International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences 2014
    21 Sowrabha,J J.Narayana Drinking water quality assessment of commercial areas in shivamogga town using physic-chemical parameters, NSF-WQI Karnataka, India . 4.396 International Journal of scientific research and Development 2014
    22 Sharadadevi Kallimani, J. Narayana and Parashurama T.R Plankton Diversity In Response To Abiotic Factors In Javally Tank Of Shimoga District,Karnataka 0 International Journal of Environmental Sciences 2014
    23 Shilpashree Y. P 1, J Narayana1, Y Vishwanathshetty and Anilkumar D Talageri Characterization of Shimoga Taluk Soils under different Land Systems, 0 International Journal of Environmental Sciences 2014
    24 S.Swetha and J.Narayana Effect of vermincompost alone and its combination with recommended dose of fertilizers on available nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium in rice field. 0 J.Environ,Science 2014
    25 S.B. Parameswarappa and J.Narayana Assessment of heat strain among workers in steel industry-A case study 4.119 Int.J.Microbiology.App.Sci 2014
    26 AnilKumar. D Talageri, J. Narayana and Y.P. Shilpashree Assessment of Conventional and Non-Conventional Farming Practices on Growth, Yield and Soil Nutrient of Okra Abelmoschus esculentus. L. Moench 0 Environmental pollution and Development 2013
    27 Prakash Kariyajjanavar, J. Narayana and Y. Arthoba Nayaka Degradation of textile dye C.I. Vat Black 27 by electrochemical method by using carbon electrodes. 0 Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 2013
    28 Anilkumar D.Talageri, J.Narayana Status of Bhendi Crop (Abelmoschus esculentus L.Moench) By Vermicompost FYM and NPK Fertilizers 0 International Journal of Environmental Sciences, 2013
    29 D. Bsavaraj, J.Narayana, E.T. Puttaiah and K.Prakash “phytoplankton species diversity indices in anjanapura reservoir, western ghat region, india. 0 Journal of environmental biology 2013
    30 Prakash Kariyajjanavar, J Narayana, Y Arthoba Nayaka Electrochemical Degradation of C.I. Vat Orange 2 Dye on Carbon Electrode 1.063 Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 2013
    31 S. J Veeresh and J. Narayana “Sustainable Utilization of Agro- Waste for High Calorific Energy Briquettes 0 Journal of Energy sources, part A: Recovery Utilization, and Environmental Effects 2013
    32 S.J Veeresh and J. Narayana Earthworm Density, Biomass and Vermicompost Recovery During Agro- Industrial Wste Treatment 6.268 International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences 2013
    33 AnilKumar. D Talageri, J. Narayana and Y.P. Shilpashree Comparative assessment of organic manures and In-organic fertilizers on Okra Abelmoschus esculentus. 0 . International journal of Life sciences 2013
    34 Prakash Kariyajjanavar, Jogttappa Narayan, Yanjerappa Arthoba Nayaka, Ramarao Viswanatha Electrochemical Degradation of Anthraquinone Reactive Textile Dye Novacron Blue 4R on Graphite Electrodes 0 Inventi Rapid: Chemical Engineering 2013
    35 Prakash Kariyajjanavar, J.Narayana, and Y. Arthoba Nayaka Electrochemical Degradation of C.I. Vat Brown 1 Dye on Carbon Electrode, 1.063 Water & Enviroment 2013
    36 Sharanappa Jangandi, J. Narayana, Mudalagiriyappa and Anilkumar.D.Talageri Influence of Different Alternate Land Use Systems on Runoff Soil and Available Nutrient Loss Status in Central Dry Zone of Karnataka 0 Journal of Environment and Ecology 2012
    37 Santhebennur JayappaVeeresh, Jogttappa Narayana Awareness Among Farmers on Agricultural Pollution and General Environmental Problems 0 Inventi Agro Tech 2012
    38 Santhebennur Jayappa,Veeresh, Jogttappa Narayana Relationship Among Moderating Variables, Information Seeking Behavior and Sustainable Agriculture Awareness with Special Reference to Farmers of Western Part of Karnataka 0 Inventi Agro Tech 2012
    39 S. Sen Narayana.J, Ravichandran B. Rajesh R Assessment of Indoor Air pollutants with special reference to particulate phase polyaromatic hydrocarbon in rural village 0 Research 2012
    40 Santhebennur JayappaVeeresh, Jogttappa Narayana Dynamics of Micronutrients during Vermicomposting of Agro-industrial Waste 0 Inventi Rapid: Agro Tech 2012
    41 Prakash Kariyajjanavar, J.Narayana, Y. ArthobaNayaka Electrochemical degradation of C. I. Vat Brown 1 dye on carbon Electrode 0 Inventi journals 2012
    42 PrakashKariyajjanavar, J.NarayanaY.ArthobaNayaka, Kalachar Haranahalli Chadimani Byrappachari Electrochemical Degradation and Cyclic Voltammetric Studies of Fast Sulphon Black F and Eriochrome Black T ¬¬- A Comparative Study 0 .. 2012
    43 PrakashKariyajjanavar, J.Narayana, Y. ArthobaNayaka Degradation of Simulated Dye Wastewater by Electrochemical Method on Carbon Electrodes 0 . Indian Journal Of Natural Sciences 2012
    44 KulapatiHipparagi, J.Narayan, B. chinnappa Production potential and economics of Main and ratoon crop of Gauana C.V dwarf Cavendish (AAA) as influenced INM 0 Agricultural research information center. 2011
    45 Prakash Kariyajjanavar, Narayana Jogttappa, Yanjerappa Arthoba Nayaka Studies on degradation of reactive textile dyes solution by electrochemical method 6.065 Journal of hazardous materials 2011
    46 KulapatiHipparagi, J.Narayan, B. chinnappa & Anilkumar D. Talageri Production potential and economics of Main and ratoon crop of Gauana C.V dwarf Cavendish (AAA) as influenced INM 0 Agricultural research information center. 2011
    47 KulapatiHipparagi, J.Narayana, B.Chinnappa and AnilkumarTalageri Production potential and economics of main and ratton crop of banana cv. Dwarf Cavendish (AAA) an influenced by INM 0.1 Research on Crops An International Journal 2011
    48 PrakashKariyajjanavar, J.Narayana, Y.A. Nayaka Degradation of Textile waste water by electrochemical methods. 0 Hydrology-current research 2011
    49 Prakash Kariyajjanavar, J.Narayana, Y.A. Nayaka Studies on degradation of reactive textile dyes solution by electrochemical method 6.393 Journal of hazardous materials 2011
    50 Santhebennur JayappaVeeresh, Jogatappa, J.Narayana, Jaime A. Teixeira dasilva Agricultural Bio-waste Management in the Bhadravathitaluk of Karnataka state, India, 0 Global science books 2011
    51 Anilkumar D.Talageri , J.Narayana, Y.P.Shilpashree and Kulapathi Hippargi Comparative evaluation of organic manures and chemical fertilizers on okra(abelmoschusesculentus) in shimoga district, Karnataka,India 0 Plant archives 2011
    52 Y.P.Shilpashree, J.Narayana, AnilkumarD.Talageri, Y.Vishwanathashetty and C Sathish Nutrient status in arecanut garden soils of shimoga and Bhadravathi taluk. 0 Plant archives 2011
    53 Nafeesa Begum, J.Narayana, and H.A. Sayeswara A seasonal Study of Phytoplankton diversity and pollution indicates of Bathi, pond near Davanagere City, Karanataka 0 Environmental Conservation Journal 2010
    54 Nafeesa Begum, J.Narayana and Arunkumar S.L Land Use/Land Cover Changes in the Catchment of Water Bodies in and around Davanagere City, Karanataka 0 International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences 2010
    55 Kulapati Hipparagi, J.Narayana, J. Venkatesha Effect of integrated nutrient Management on growth and yield of banana cv. Dwarf Cavendish (AAA) 0 Journal of Asian Horticulture. 2010
    56 Kulapati Hipparagi, J.Narayana, J.Venkatesha Effect of organic , inorganic and bio fertilizer manuring on growth and yield of ratoon crop of Banana cv. Dwarf Cavendish(AAA) 0 Journal of Asian Horticulture 2010
    57 S.J.Veeresh J.Narayan, J.A. Teixeira De Silva Influence of Jeevamrutha (Biodynamic Formulation) on Agroindustrial waste vermicomposting, Dynamic soil, Dynamic plant 0 Global Science Books 2010
    58 Prakash Kariyajjanavar, J.Narayana, Y.A.Nayaka, M.UmaNayaka Electrochemical Degradation and Cyclic Voltammetric studies of textile Reactive Azo Dye Cibacron Navy WB 0 PortugaliaeelectrochemicaActa 2010
    59 B. Veenadevi, J. Narayana and V. Bheemaraju Characterization of activated carbon obtained from coconut shell and chemically activated by phosphoric acid 0 International Journal of Emerging Technologies 2009
    60 D. Bsavaraj, J. Narayana and E.T. Putaiah, Irrigation water quality Assessment of Anjanapura Reservoir 0 Indian Journal of Environmental Protection 2009
    61 S. Shwetha, J.Narayana Influence of different sources of organic manures and in organic fertilizer on growth and yield of transplanted rice (Oryza sativa L.) variety- KMP 101 0 Journal of current Science 2009
    62 Narayana,J., E.T.Puttaiah and D.Basavaraja Water Quality Characteristics of Anjanapura Reservoir near Shikaripur, District Shimohga, Karnataka 0 J.Aqua.Biol 2008
    63 Naryana.J, Lakshminarayan.T. PrakashKariyajjanavar Performance studies of Karnataka Antibiotic and Pharmaceutical ltd. (KAPL) 0 Kuvempu Univ.Sci.J 2007
    64 Nafeesa Begum, J.Narayana Drinking water quality Assessment of TV-Station Reservoir in Davangere city, Karnataka 0 Environmental Ecology 2007
    65 Vijya kumara, N. Jai Prakash, K. Harish Babu, J. Narayana and E.T. Puttaiah Subsurface water quality in and around BhadravthiTwon, Karnatak state 0 Envi. Eco 2007
    66 V.N. Murulidhar, J.Narayana, E.T. Puttaiah Seasonal dynamics of phytoplankton in relation to physico-chemical characteristics in gulurwetland Ecosystem 0 J.Aqua.Biol 2007
    67 Basavaraja.D, SayeedaTasneemBanu, Narayana.J and Puttaiah.E.T Water quality of treated water used for pulp and paper production process 0 Kuvempu Univ .Sci J 2006
    68 Nafeesa Begum, J. Narayan diversity four lentic water bodies in and around Davanagere city, Karnataka 0 J.Aqua.Biol 2006
    69 Narayana.J, K.P.Ravindra Kumar, R.Purushothama, and K.Harish Kumar Diversity of aquatic Macrophytes in Erannana tank near Hosanagara, Karnataka 0 Advances in Plant Sciences 2006
    70 Nafeesa begum, J.Narayana, R. Purushothama, and Ravindra Kumar, K.P Water quality studies of TV-station reservoir at Davangere city, Karnataka. 0 Journal of Environ. Science and Engg. NEERI Nagpur 2006
    71 Narayana.J, Ravindra Kumar, K.P. and Purushothama, R Studies on Lentic water bodies of Hosanagar, Karnataka with special reference to diversity of Aquatic Macrophytes and their local uses 0 Journal of Aquatic Biology 2006
    72 Narayana.J, Purushothama, R., Kiran B.R and Ravindrakumar, K.P A Preliminary survey of Phytoplankton in Kanale and Keladi tank, near Sagartaluk, Karnataka 0 Journal of Living World 2006
    73 Narayana.J, R.Purushothama. , Kiran B.R. and K.P. Ravindra Kumar and E.T.Puttaiah Investigation of drinking water quality of Basavanhole tank with reference to physico chemical characteristic 0 Indian Journal of Environment and Ecoplanning 2005
    74 Purushothama, R., Narayana.J, Kiran, B.R and Harish Kumar, K Nutrient status of Kanale Tank with reference to aquatic macrophytes 0 Journal of Current Sciences 2005
    75 Purushothama, R., Narayana.J, Kiran, B.R., Banakar, A.B. And Harish kumar K. Hydrochemistry of BrahmanaKalasi tank at Sagar, Karnataka 0 Indian Journal of Environmental Protection 2005
    76 Purushothama, R., Kiran, B.R., Harish Kumar, K. & Narayana. J Water quality status of Keladi tank (Hirekere) At Sagartaluk, Karnataka 0 Environment and Ecology 2005
    77 Vijay Kumara, Narayana J, Puttaiah, E.T. and Harish babu Assessment of surface and subsurface water of Bhadra river basin near Bhadravathi town, Karnataka 0 Journal of Ecotoxicology and Environmental monitoring 2005
    78 Narayana.J, and Purushothama, R Encroachment of water shed area and their impact on Lake Ecosystem. 0 Journal of Ecotoxicology and Environmental monitoring 2003
    79 Ravindra .H., Narayana.J, Krishnappa, K., Narayanaswamy, H. and Basavaraja, M.K Management of Root Knot Nematode through integration of poultry manure and soil solarization in FCV tobacco Nursery 0 Tobacco Research 2003
    80 Ravindra, H, Narayana. J, Krishnappa, K.H., Narayanaswamy and Basavaraja, M.K. Integration of Botanicals with soil solarization for the management of root knot nematode in FCV Tobacco Nursery 0 Tobacco Research 2003
    81 Vijay Kumara, Narayana. J and Puttaiah, E.T. 79. Vijay Kumara, Narayana. J and Puttaiah, E.T. 0 Geobios 2002
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    87 Narayana. J and Somashekar, R.K eavy metal composition in the sediment and plants of the river Cauvery 0 Journal of Environment and Pollution 1997


    SL # Authors Title Publisher Year
    1 Sharanappa Jangandi, J. Narayan, Mudalagiriyappa ,Anilkumar.D.Talageri Sustainable Management of Natural Resources through Different Alternate Agro-Forestry Land use systems in Peninsular India Satish Serial Publishing House 2013

    Book Chapters

    SL # Authors Title Publisher Year
    1 Sharanappa Jangandi, J.NarayanaMudalagiriyappa and Anilkumar.D.Talageri (, Sustainable Management of Natural Resource through Different Alternate Agro-Forestry Land Use Systems in Peninsular India, (Chapter 51 Satish Serial Publishing House New Delhi 110033 India 2013
    2 AnilKumar. D Talageri, J. Narayana and Y.P. Shilpashree Assessment of Conventional and Non-Conventional Farming Practices on Growth, Yield and Soil Nutrient of Okra Abelmoschus esculentus. L. Moench Environmental pollution and Development 2012
    3 Santhebennur JayappaVeeresh, Jogttappa Narayana Variation of Macro-Nutrients During Biodynamic Vermicomposting Book on Biololgix, Department of Biotechnology Mewar Institute of Management,Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, 2012
    4 AnilKumar. D Talageri, J. Narayana and Y.P. Shilpashree Assessment of Conventional and Non-Conventional Farming Practices on Growth, Yield and Soil Nutrient of Okra Abelmoschus esculentus. L. Moench) Environmental pollution and Development Vol.1 2012
    5 J. Narayana Distribution and diversity of Aquatic Macrophyte in relation to Physico- Chemical characteristics of lentic water bodies mid Westernghat range, Shimoga, Karnataka Conservation of tropical biodiversity 2012
    6 Purushotham, R..Kiran, B.R Narayana J, and Putaiah E.T Evaluation of Drinking water quality status of Kanale Tank with Reference to physico-chemical Ractors, SagaraTalukKarnatak. Aquatic Ecosystem and its Management 2010
    7 Narayana J. and Somashekar R.K Dynamics of Zooplankton Communities in River Cauvery Plankton dynamics of Indian waters 2009
    8 Narayana J. Hosetti, B. B Wetland biodiversity and its importance in Tourism Ecotourism development and management 2007
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    11 Sumithra, S and Narayana, J. Ed. Aravind Kumar Municipal and Industrial waste Characteristics and management in Bhadravathi city A P H Publishing Corporation. New Delhi-002 2003
    12 Narayana. J and Somashekar R.K. Arvindkumar Distribution and diversity of macro: invertebrates in river Cauvery. In Ecology & conservation of lakes, Reservoirs & rivers ABD Publishers, Jaipur 2002
    13 Narayana J and Somashekar R. K Distribution and periodicity of Rotifers on River Cauvery (In: Ecology of polluted water and Toxicology K.D. Mishra, Enviro media, Karad. 1998


    SL # Authors Title Organizer Year
    1 J.Narayana Studies on Pulp and Paper Mill dye – Basic Violet 3 by Electrochemical method 9th KSTA Conference on Science, Technology and Innovations in the 21st Century jointly organized by 2016
    2 J.Narayana occupational &environmental health research in the southern region Symposium to Identify priority areas of occupational &environmental health research in the southern 2014
    3 J.Narayana Studies On Importance Of Wetlands And Its Plant Diversity In Soraba Taluk National Seminar On “Global Warming and its Effect on Biodiversity 2013
    4 J.Narayana Current Environmental issues and challenges Nethaji subash Chandra Bose college, Nanded, Maharashtra 2013
    5 J.Narayana Current Environmental issues of Solid waste and its Challenges with Reference to India National Conference on Green technologies , 2012 Acharya Institute of 2012
    6 J.Narayana An emerging technique for de-fluoridation of water-A Nanotechnology National Seminar on Applications of Isotope and Radiation Technology for Social benefits , 2012, Dep 2011
    7 J.Narayana Assessment of Indoor Air pollutants with special reference to particulate phase polyaromatic hydrocarbon in rural village National Symposium on Biodiversity and Environment 2011, Gulbarga University 2011


    SL # Authors Title Publisher Year
    1 J. Narayan, Spoorthi.K.J Kannada Article-Ghanathyajya vilevaari aagadiddalli praakrutika samasye kachitha Public Mirror 2015
    2 Anilkumar D.Talageri and J. Narayana Kannada Article-Erehulu Gobbaarada balakeinda bende iluvari ati hechhuSharad Sharadkrushi-Kannada Magazine 2012
    3 Anilkumar D.Talageri, J.Narayana Kannada Article-Prayogada sameeksheyatta payana Times of deenabandu 2012
  • Research Projects

    SL # Title Funding Agency Co-Investigator Amount status
    1 Studies on Ecological conditions on water bodies and aquatic biodiversity in Chikmangalur Districts, Western Ghats range of Karnataka” DST-SERB 550000 Ongoing
    2 Bioprospectus of medicinal plants DBT-BUILDER PROJECT Dr J Narayana 17700000 Ongoing
    3 Studies on freshwater ecology in westernghats s of Shimoga district UGC .. 700000 Ongoing
    4 Degradation and removal of basic dyes by electrochemical methods with reference to pulp and paper industry UGC .. 1029800 Completed
    5 Peoples Biodiversity Report Biodiversity Board .. 520500 completed
    6 Production and supply of tissue culture plantlets of Banana varputtabale to the rural farmers & weaker sections of Shimoga District Karnataka for economic development DBT Dr J Narayana 2000000 Completed
    7 Climate changes KRVP MOEF (New Delhi) .. 10000 completed
    8 Agricultural Waste Utilization biotechnology for SC/ST and Weaker sections Economic Development” DBT .. 2600000 Completed
    9 Vermicompost biotechnology for socioeconomic development of rural SC/ST and weaker sections in Shimoga district DBT .. 1414000 Completed
  • Awards

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    1 DERO Best Scientist Research Deccan Environmental Research Organisation Vijayapur, Karnataka 2015
    2 Thailand International Fellowship Research Chulabhorn Research Institute, Bangkok 2013
    3 One Time Grant Successful guidance of Ph.D scholars UGC 2012
    4 Bharath Jyothi International Award Academic achievement International Friendhsip society 2006
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    1 Manjunath S-920110894194 Ecological studies on Gudavi and surrounding wetlands with special reference to hydrological variables Ph.D.
    2 Mahadev Sarashetti-497199547130 Impact Of Pesticide Pesidue In Paddy Field And Drifting Effect On The Health Of Farming Community Ph.D.
    3 Spoorthi -514605216645 Degradation and removal of certain basic dyes used in paper industries by electrochemical method. Ph.D.
    4 Spoorthi K.J-268994332243 A study on cost effective constructed wetland models for waste water and coffee effluent treatment Ph.D.
    5 Chandru Patil 823305901177 Influence of Biofertilizer treatments on Gherkin (Cucumis anguria ) production in Haveri District , Karnataka, India Ph.D.
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