Dr.Basavarajappa S.H
Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Science



  • Area Of Research

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    1 Environmental Pollution, Aquatic Biology

    Journals Publications

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    1 Sreenivasa, JS Chandrashekar, SH Basavarajappa, VG Sharath and Azis Kemal Fauzie Evaluation of Convention and Aerobic Farming Practices in a Paddy based cropping System- A case study in Karnataka, India. 0.987 International Journal of Current Science 2016
    2 Sreenivasa, Kishore Kumar, Basavarajappa S.H and Vahidsharifi Sustainable use of community tank water for command are as adapted through community based traditional practices: A case study in Karntaka. 0.765 International journal of science, Environment 2016
    3 Basavarajappa S.H,Raju N.S, Supreeth M and Hosmani S.P. Isolation and Identification of Heterotrophic nitrifying bacteria from sewage sludge 0.565 Indian journal of applied research 2015
    4 Basavarajappa S.H, N.S. Raju and Shankar P. Hosmani. Limnology: A critical Review 0.654 Current world Environment an International Journal 2014
    5 Basavarajappa S.H, N.S. Raju, Shankar P. Hosmani, Puttaraju H.R Application of the National Sanitation Foundation Indexand the Innovative Water Quality Index to lakes of Mysore District 0.756 Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal 2013
    6 S. H. Basavarajappa, N. S. Raju, S.P. Hosamani and S.R.Niranjana Freshwater diatoms as indicators of water quality of some important lakes of Mysore, Karnataka, India 0 Indian Hydrobiology 2011
    7 S.H. Basavarajappa, N.S.Raju,S.P. Hosamani and S.R.Niranjana Algal Diversity and Physicochemical Parameters in Hadinaru Lake Mysore, Karnataka State India. 0 The Bioscan 2010
    8 N.S.Raju, C.Roopavathi, M.A.Chandrashekar, M.S.Rakeshsharma and S.H.Basavarajappa Microbiological Quality of Drinking Water in Hotels and Restaurants of Mysore City, Karnataka, India 0 Global Journal of Environmental Research 2010
    9 Basavarajappa S.H, Raju N.S,Shankar P Hosmani and Niranjana S. R. Studies on the water quality parameters of four fresh water lakes of Mysore, Karnataka 0 Indian Journal of Environment & Ecoplanning 2009


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    1 Basavarajappa S.H and Raju N.S Plankton Diversity of Lakes of Mysore Lambert Academic publishing 2016

    Book Chapters

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    1 Basavarajappa S.H and Raju N.S Interrelationship between Phytoplankton groups and water chemistry variables in lakes of Mysore District The Indian Science Congress Association at Mysore 2016
    2 Basavarajappa S.H and Raju N.S Aquatic biomass degradation and ammonia oxidation using Bacillus pumilus SW1 isolated from the sludge of eutrophicated water body University of Mysore 2016
    3 Basavarajappa S.H and Raju N.S Importance of Trophic State Index in Lakes of Mysore District 97th The Indian Science Congress Association at Thiruvananthapuram 2010
    4 Basavarajappa S.H and Raju N.S Fresh Water Diatoms as indicators of Water Quality in Mysore District Department of Studies in Botany, University of Mysore 2010
    5 Basavarajappa S.H and Raju N.S Carlson’s Trophic State Index in Four fresh water lakes of Mysore District Department of Studies in Environmental Science, University of Mysore 2009


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    1 Post Doctoral Fellow Research UGC- PDF 2012
    2 The Best Poster presentation Award Research Indian Science Congress Association, at Thrivendrum, Kerala 2010
    3 Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship Scheme Research UGC-RGNFS 2008
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