Dr.Nagya Naik.B.H.
Department of English



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    1 British Literature,Commonwealth Literature, Literary Theory.

    Journals Publications

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    1 Nagya naik B.H and Mahesh Naik B.H Innocent Suffering Women and Merciless Exploiting Men: An Insight into the Selected Works of Mahasweta Devi 2.01 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGLISH: LITERATURE, LANGUAGE & SKILLS IJELLS 2015
    2 Dr. Nagya Naik B H The truth that well up from the Grave 0 JOURNAL OF HIGHER EDUCATION AND RESEARCH SOCIETY: A REFEREED INTERNATIONAL 2014
    3 Dr. Nagya Naik B.H “Representation of caste, class and Gender” 0 English Studies ISSN 2347 -3479 2014
    4 Mahesh Naik and Dr. Nagya Naik B H Representation of Caste, Class and Gender : A Comparative Study 0 English Studies International Research Journal 2014
    5 Dr.Nagya Naik B.H and Ezzeldin Elmadda Alienation in “Squatter” in Mistry’s Collection Tales from Firozsha Baag 0 Writers Edditors Critics - Vol 3. No.2, GIEWEC, 2013
    6 Elmadda Ahmed Abdelgadir Ezzeldin and B.H Naik Nagya Triumph of Evil in Rohinton Mistry’s novels 0 International Journal on Multicultural Literature 2012


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    Book Chapters

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    1 Nagya Naik Banjaras now and then : A Scoio - Cultural Study Language Endangerment In South Asia Vol - II 2013


    SL # Authors Title Organizer Year
    1 Nagya Naik and Thippeswamy B.M Teaching Films in Humanities today:Challenges and Prospects Humanities today:Challenges and prospects 2012
    2 Nagya Naik and Thippeswamy B.M Conflicting Historiographies and Communal Identities in South Asian films on Partition Multiplicity of cultures in South Asian Literatures 2012


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