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Affiliation Report-2014
Affiliation Report-2015
Sl.No.  First Grade Colleges Affiliation Report
01 Acharya Tulsi National Commerce College, Shimoga


02 Adichunchnagiri Institute of Business Management, Chikmagalur


03 Balehonnur Vidya Samsthe First Grade College, Balehonnur Report
04 Basaveswara First Grade College, Shimoga Report
05 D.S.B.G. Government First Grade College, Mudigere Report
06 D.V.S. Arts & Science College,Shimoga Report
07 D.V.S. Evening College, Shimoga Report
08 Dr.Ambedkar B.B.M College, Shimoga Report
09 Educ-Aid-City  of Arts, Science & Commerce, Shimoga Report
10 Edurite College of Administration & Management Studies, Shimoga


11 Government First Grade College, Ajjampura   Report
12 Government First Grade College, Anavatti   Report
13 Government First Grade College, Bhadravathi   Report
14 Government First Grade College, Birur   Report
15 Government First Grade College, Holehonnuru   Report
16 Government First Grade College, Kaduru   Report
17 Government First Grade College, Kalasa   Report
18 Government First Grade College, Koppa   Report
19 Government First Grade College, Narasimharajapura   Report
20 Government First Grade College, Panchanahalli   Report
21 Government First Grade College, Rippanpete   Report
22 Government First Grade College, Sagar   Report
23 Government First Grade College, Sakarayapattana   Report
24 Government First Grade College, Shikaripura   Report
25 Government First Grade College, Shimoga   Report
26 Government First Grade College, Shiralakoppa   Report
27 Government First Grade College, Soraba   Report
28 Government First Grade College, Sringeri   Report
29 Government First Grade College, Tarikere   Report
30 Government First Grade College, Thirthahalli   Report
31 Government First Grade College, Yagati   Report
32 Hebbur Mahavidyalaya, Bhadravathi   Report
33 Hoysala College of Management, Shimoga   Report
34 I.D.S.G. Government College, Chikmagalur   Report
35 Jnana Jyothi Town Mahila Samaja Degree College, Chikmagalur   Report
36 Jnana Sagara Mahavidyala, Shimoga   Report
37 Jnana Sahyadri First Grade College, Anandapuram   Report
38 Kadamba Arts & Commerce College, Shiralakoppa   Report
39 Kakal First Grade College of Arts & Commerce, Kedalasara   Report
40 Kamala Nehru Memorial National Arts, Commerce & Science College for Women, Shimoga   Report
41 Kodachadri Government First Grade College, Hosanagara   Report
42 Kumadwathi  First Grade College, Shikaripura   Report
43 L.B. & S.B.S. Arts, Science & Commerce Autonomous College, Sagara   Report
44 M.E.S.M.S.P.S. Womens College, Chikmagalur   Report
45 Mountain View College of Management Science, Chikmagalur   Report
46 N.E.S. Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimoga   Report
47 P.E.S. Institute of Advanced Management Studies, Shimoga   Report
48 P.J.N.M. Arts College, Birur   Report
49 S.J.M. First Grade Arts & Commerce College, Tarikere   Report
50 S.R.Nagappa Shresti Memorial National College of Applied Sciences, Shimoga   Report
51 S.T.J. Womens First Grade Arts, Commerce and Home Science College, Chikmagalur   Report
52 Sagara Gangothri Arts & Commerce College, Sagara   Report
53 Sharavathi First Grade College, Konanduru   Report
54 Sir M.V. Government Arts & Commerce College, Bhadravathi   Report
55 Sir M.V.Government Science College, Bommanakatte, Bhadravathi   Report
56 Smt. Indira Gandhi Government First Grade Womens College, Sagara   Report
57 Sri J.C.B.M. College, Sringeri   Report
58 Sri Kalleswara Swamy First Grade College, Singatagere   Report
59 Sri Maruthi First Grade College, Holaluru   Report
60 Sri. Sigandooreshwari Arts, Science & Commerce College, Sagara   Report
61 St. Charle's  Degree College, Bhadravathi   Report
62 St.Josephe's First Grade college, Chikamagalur   Report
63 Tunga Mahavidyalaya, Thirthahalli   Report
64 Vasavi Vidyalaya Institute of Management Studies, Chickmagalur   Report
65 Zubaida Womens Arts College, Shikaripura  Report
01 A.V.S. College of Education, M.C.Halli,Tarikere  Report
02 Al-mahmood College of Education, Shimoga  Report
03 B.G.S. College of Education, Sringeri  Report
04 D.K.Shivakumar College of Education, Bhadravathi  Report
05 Jnana Bharathi College of Education, Kadur  Report
06 Kumudwathi College of Education, Shikaripura  Report
07 Kuvempu Centenary College of Education, Shimoga  Report
08 M.D.F. College of Education, Sagara  Report
09 M.L.M.N. College of Education, Chikmagalur   Report
10 Mythri College of Education, Shimoga  Report
11 National College of Education, Shimoga Report
12 Rajivgandhi College of Education, Bhadravathi  Report
13 S.J.G. College of Education, Anandapura  Report
14 Sagara Gangothri College of Education, Sagara  Report
15 Sri Veerabhadreshwara College of Education, Thalagunda  Report
16 Tungabhadra College of Education, Tarikere  Report
17 Vagdevi College of Education, Thirthahalli  Report
18 Viseswaaraya College of Education, Bhadravathi  Report
19 General Cariyappa National College of Physical Education, Shimoga(B.P.Ed)  Report