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Department of Journalism and Mass comm.

Prof. Poornananda D SM.A., M.S., Ph.D.,


Area Of Research

Film Studies, Development Communication,Environmental Communication, Communication theory


About the Faculty

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Sl No Award Name Award For Organization Year

Journals Publications

Sl No Authors Title Impact Factor Publisher Year
1 Poornananda, D.S Development-induced displacement and the print media in Karnataka 0 Journal of Social Development 2017
2 Pinto, M.S. & Poornananda, D.S. Affinity of media: Importance students attach to newspaper, television and the internet 4.159 Mass Communicator 2017
3 Pinto, M.S. & Poornananda, D.S. The internet usage among students: A uses and gratifications perspective 3.276 Media Watch 2017
4 Pinto, M.S. & Poornananda, D.S Newspapers in the age of the Internet and changing gratification paradigm 0 Communication and Journalism Research 2015
5 Manorama, B.N., & Poornananda D.S Bharatheeya shasthreeya nruthyagala saamajika samvhana: kalamimamse maththu anvayikathe. Shodha, 0 Shodha 2014
6 Manorama, B.N., & Poornananda D.S Bharathanatyada moolaka samaajik samvahana: Savaalugalu 0 Chintana Bayalu 2014
7 Manorama, B.N., & Poornananda D.S Saamaajika samvahanakkelasuv nrutyaprayogada saadhyategalu 0 Chintana Bayalu 2014
8 Adiga, S., & Poornananda, D.S Media and the movement against Mangalore Special Economic Shrinidhi, 4.159 Mass Communicator 2014
9 Poornananda, D.S Shrinking Public Spaces: The Writing on the Wall 0.82 Economic & Political Weekly 2013
10 Manorama, B.N., & Poornananda D.S Kannada saamaajika kaadambarigalalli nruthya parikalpane mattu abhivyakthi 0 Shodha 2012
11 Adiga, S., & Poornananda, D.S GM crops and the Press: The Bt brinjal controversy in English and Kannada newspapers 3.276 Media Watch 2012
12 Adiga, S., & Poornananda, D.S Environmental movement and the media in Dakshina Kannada 0.27 Global Media Journal-Indian Edition 2012
13 Poornananda, D.S Public opinions, polls and the media 0 Media Mimansa 2010
14 Poornananda, D.S Claims-makers and frames of environmental news in the Indian Press 4.159 Mass Communicator 2008
15 Poornananda, D.S Is IT a panacea? 0 Karnataka University Journal of Communication 2005
16 Poornananda, D.S Media, Public Sphere and the Market 0 The Third Concept 2003
17 Poornananda, D.S Expanding Media: Shrinking Public Space 0 Journal of Communication Studies 2003
18 Poornananda, D.S Electoral Reforms or Restrictions 0 The Third Concept 2002
19 Poornananda, D.S Mediating the environment: The Indian Experience 0 Journal of Environmental Studies 2000
20 Poornananda, D.S Press freedom: From Milton to the New Millennium 0 The Third Concept 1999
21 Poornananda, D.S Environmental Journalism in India 0 AEE Journal 1998
22 Poornananda, D.S Coverage of Sounth Asia in two U.S. Newspapers 0 Media Asia 1998
23 Poornananda, D.S The Press and Community Relations 0 Samaja Shodana 1997
24 Poornananda, D.S In Defence of Censorship 0 The Third Concept 1995
25 Sultana, W. & Poornananda, D.S Doordarshan: Picking up the Gauntlet 0 The Third Concept 1993
26 Poornananda, D.S.& Sridhara, B.A Portrait of Film Society Members: A Study of two Film Societies 0 ICCTR Journal 1990
27 Poornananda, D.S., Rao, L., & Eswara, H.S. Panchayat Raj Politics and Disharmony in Interpersonal Relations: A study 0 Parliamentary Affairs 1988
28 Poornananda, D.S Social communication in mudalapaya yakshagana 0 Expressions 1987


Sl No Authors Title Publisher Year
1 Melkote, S.R., Vallath, C., Ahmed, S.A., & Poornananda, D.S. Communication Gap in Development Rawat 1992

Book Chapters

Sl No Authors Title Publisher Year
1 Poornananda, D.S Expanding media market, shrinking consumer choice Concept 2012
2 Poornananda, D.S Social Media: The role of Twitter and Facebook in Moulding Public Opinion Besant Womens College, Mangalore. 2012
3 Poornananda, D.S Meesalathi Mattu Madhyamagalu Karnataka Sahitya Academy 2007
4 Poornananda, D.S Vistaaravaguththiruva Maadhyama Maarukatte: Badavaaguththiruva Prajaathanthra Navarkarnataka Prakashana 2005


Sl No Authors Title Organizer Year
1 Poornananda, D.S Media framing of development-induced displacement University of Munster, Germany 2014
2 Poornananda, D.S. Globalisation, Higher Education and Disability Bangalore University 2011
3 Poornananda, D.S. Media and Environmentalism IIPA, New Delhi 2010
4 Poornananda, D.S Expanding Media Market, Shrinking Consumer Choice IIPA, New Delhi 2010
5 Poornananda, D.S Displacement issue in media: The missing agenda Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey 2010
6 Poornananda, D.S Media and the cooperative movement Karnataka State Cooperative Federation Ltd, Kuvempu University 2009
7 Poornananda, D.S Tribals, development and the media University of Mysore 2008
8 Poornananda, D.S Claims-makers and media frame of environmental issues University of Barcelona 2008
9 Poornananda, D.S Claims-makers and media frame of environmental issues University of Barcelona, Spain 2008
10 Poornananda, D.S Reporting Environmental issues for the print media Asian News International 2008
11 Poornananda, D.S Civil society and the media ISTR and Mangalore University 2007
12 Poornananda, D.S Problems of translation in advertising Bandarkars College, Kundapur 2007
13 Poornananda, D.S Media role in a multi-ethnic society Mangalore Writers Association 2006
14 Poornananda, D.S Socialism, global discourse and media Forum for Social Justice, Mangalore 2006
15 Poornananda, D.S Displacement, community and culture Bangalore University 2006
16 Poornananda, D.S Media freedom and responsibility: Emerging issues in Dakshina Kannada Mangalore University 2006
17 Poornananda, D.S Communalism and the media in Dakshina Kannada Social Justice forum, Roshni Nilaya, Mangalore 2006
18 Poornananda, D.S Journalistic experiments of Mahatma Gandhi, Manavatha Vedike, Mangalore 2005
19 Poornananda, D.S Radio in India: An evaluation Bangalore University 2005
20 Poornananda, D.S Environmental NGOs and the media International Society for Third Sector Research 2005
21 Poornananda, D.S Expanding media market, shrinking public space Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada 2004
22 Poornananda, D.S Media and the marginalised Mangalore University College, Mangalore 2004
23 Poornananda, D.S Expanding media and shrinking public space Expanding media and shrinking public space 2004
24 Poornananda, D.S Radio and adult education Bangalore University and United Theological College, Bangalore 2004
25 Poornananda, D.S Media and Globalization Ikya Ranga Balaga, Mangalore 2003
26 Poornananda, D.S Social Crisis and the Media Bangalore University 2003
27 Poornananda, D.S Curriculum Beyond Technolofy Manipal Institute of Communication 2002
28 Poornananda, D.S The Interent: A Critical Perspective Padhmavathi Mahila Vishwavidhyalaya 2002
29 Poornananda, D.S Media, Industry and the Environment Guru Jambeshwar University 2001
30 Poornananda, D.S Electoral Reforms or Restrictions Mangalore University 2001
31 Poornananda, D.S Globalisation and Agenda Setting: Identity Srisis in the Regional NewspapersA case study of Afghan war Coverage in Kannada Newspapers Mangalore University 2001
32 Poornananda, D.S Television News in Multi-channel Media Scenario in India Asian News International 1999
33 Poornananda, D.S Human Rights and Mass Media in India International Institute of Education, Washington D.C 1998
34 Poornananda, D.S Communicating New Agricultural Practices Through Traditional Media University of Agriculture Sciences, Bangalore 1992
35 Poornananda, D.S Communicating New Agricultural Practices Through Traditional Media University of Agricultural Sciences 1992
36 Poornananda, D.S Panchayat Raj Politics and Disharmony in Interpersonal Relations: A study Bangalore University 1988


Sl.No Authors Title Publisher Year
1 Poornananda, D.S Meesalathi mattu maadhyamagalu Hosatu 2007
2 Poornananda, D.S Bharatadalli baanuli: Ondu avalokana All India Radio Golden Jubilee Special number 2005
3 Poornananda, D.S Iraq Yuddha: Bhaaratheiya MaaDhyamagalallu America Dhustikona Hosatu 2003
4 Poornananda, D.S Vistaaravaguththiruva Maadhyama Maarukatte: Badavaaguththiruva Prajaathanthra Hosatu 2003
5 Poornananda, D.S Madhaymagalu Mathu Sarvajanika Hitha Janata Madhyama 2001
6 Poornananda, D.S Human Rights and the India Media Herald Standard 1998
7 Poornananda, D.S Mother Teresas Death and the Images of Calcutta in American Media The Post-Standard 1997
8 Poornananda, D.S Cut! the Sizzle Sunday Herald 1995
9 Sridhara, B.A., Poornananda, D.S., & Eswara H.S. Tamas as audience perceive The Times of India 1988
Sl No Title Funding Agency Co-Investigator Amount Status
1 An exploratory study of Gulbaraga Television system for rural communication Space Application Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad D.S. Poornananda 100000 Completed
2 An evaluation of effectiveness of rural development programmes in Karnataka Government of Karnataka D.S. Poornananda 186000 Completed
3 Development-induced displacement and the Media: framing of displacement issues UGC Nil 576554 Completed
4 Media use and influence among the Hasalas of Shivamogga district UGC-UPE Project, University of Mysore Nil 100000 Ongoing
Sl No Investigator Name Title Year
Sl No Name Title Research Degree
Sl No Name Title of Thesis Research Degree Year Address EmailId