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Department of English

Dr. Namratha.M nee MogaralM.A., Ph.D.,,


Area Of Research

Cultural Studies, Gander Studies


About the Faculty

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Journals Publications

Sl No Authors Title Impact Factor Publisher Year
1 Namratha Mogaral Coping with Capitalism:New Roles for Women in the Visual Media Today 0 The Quest 2006
2 Namratha Mogaral Gender and Narrative in Tribal LIterature 0 The Journal of Indian Writing in English 2006
3 Namratha Mogaral Imperialism and the Best seller 0 The Quest 2006
4 Namratha Mogaral Globalization, Nationalism and Cultural Mythmaking in the Hindi Cinemas of he Nineties 0 LITTCRIT 2005
5 Namratha Mogaral Negotiating between Two Cultures: A Study of Textual Strategies in the Colonial Autobiography Saguna 0 The Journal of Indian Writing in English 2004
6 Namratha Mogaral The Cosmopolitan Jew and the Discourse of Marginality in the poetry of Nissim Eziekel 0 The Quest 2003


Sl No Authors Title Publisher Year
1 Namratha Mogaral Song Birds of Southern India: Towards a New Paradigm of Song,Species and Genetics of Evolution Astral International, New Delhi 2016
2 Namratha Mogaral Waiting for Mr Bond and Other Stories Author House, UK 2008
3 Namratha Mogaral In the Shadow of Ram? a translation of the Visnu -hare and Treta ka takur inscriptions of the Gahadavalas of Ayodhya; Some Issues and challenges Avi Publishers , New Delhi

Book Chapters

Sl No Authors Title Publisher Year
1 Namratha Mogaral Confronting Modernity and Post- Coloniality: The Last Burden and English, August: An Indian Story" In Joya Chakravorthy (Ed) Indian Writng in Englsih:Perspectives Atlantic Publisher 2003


Sl No Authors Title Organizer Year
1 Namratha Mogaral Marriage and the Market" In Sudeshna Mukherjee (Ed) Gender in the Market Economy Rawat Publishers 2011


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