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Department of Education

Dr. Shilpa VM.Ed., Ph.D, K-SET., (Education) M.A.(History & Archaeology) M.A.(Kannada) ,

Guest Lecturer

Area Of Research

Higher Education, Teacher Education, Philosophy of Education, Sociology of Education and Methodology of Teaching.


About the Faculty

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Journals Publications

Sl No Authors Title Impact Factor Publisher Year
1 Shilpa.V , & S.S Patil Kuvempu Vishwa vidyalaya Snatakottara Padavi Vidyarthigallalina Udyoga Koushalyagala Adhyayana. 0 Shikshana Soudha- UGC Carelist, Trimester Journals- Karnataka. 2023-04-01
2 Shilpa.V ,& S.S Patil “A Study on Identifying the Presence of Skills –Related Components of Employability in the Postgraduate Curricula of Kuvempu University” 7.95 Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (JETIR) 2022-11-22
3 Shilpa.V ,& S.S Patil “A Study on Comparing the Skills of Employability among Postgraduate Students of Kuvempu University of Different levels of Socio-Economic Status” 7.97 International Journals of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT), 2022-11-01


Sl No Authors Title Publisher Year
1 Shilpa.V ,& S.S Patil “Enhancement of Employability Skills through Two Years B.Ed Programme”. Quality Improvement in Teacher Education , College Book House Publications, 2021-07-01

Book Chapters

Sl No Authors Title Publisher Year
1 Shilpa.V ,& S.S Patil “Initiations of Government of India towards enhancing Skills of Employability among Females”. Suvvi Publications 2022-03-17


Sl No Authors Title Organizer Year
1 Shilpa.V ,& S.S Patil “Teachers Standard Performance and Code of Ethics in Teaching & Professional Development”. Prararanga ,Kuvempu University 2021-12-19


Sl.No Authors Title Publisher Year
1 Shilpa.V ,& S.S Patil “Entrepreneurial Skills Development in Education” Asian Journal of Multidimensional Research 2019-05-01
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