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School Of Social Science

Department of PG Studies and Research in Sociology

The Post Graduate Department of Sociology, Kuvempu University, has completed 20 years since its inception in 1987,to reflect on our march towards, research and teaching in Sociology for a better understanding of social processes in our small way. The attempts of the Department, over these proving years, have mainly concentrated on the application of sociological principles to our immediate surroundings through conceptual and theoretical debates-both within the classrooms and outside. With M.A. M.Phil, and Ph.D. Programmes, teaching has been the first priority although research has received due attention. The faculty has entered into dialogue, regularly and continuously, with the outside academicians, participated in seminars, workshops conference and the like, Research backed by valid and reliable information base, has centered close to local and regional issues, attempt was to combine the macro and the molecular. Inter department and multi-disciplinary work was valued.

Programms Offered

Sl No Programmes Nature & Duration Eligibility Intake
1 M.A CBCS, Two-year, Four Semesters B.A., Degree with Sociology as a optional subject 39+18=57
2 Ph.D 3-5 Years M.A., in Sociology 5+2=7 per Guide


Prof. Gurulingaiah .M

Year of Establishment



Department of PG Studies & Research in Sociology
Kuvempu University
Jnanasahyadri, Shankaraghatta-577451
Shimoga Dist., Karnataka State, INDIA

Teaching Faculty of Sociology in Kuvempu University

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    Prof. Gurulingaiah .M Senior Professor

    Qualification:M.A., M.Phil.,Ph.D.,,
    Area of Specialisation: Marginal Groups, Tribal Studies, Rural Studies, Gender Studies.

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    Dr. Chandrashekhar S Professor

    Area of Specialisation: Social Gerontology

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    Dr. Anjanappa B H Professor

    Qualification:M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., PhD.,,
    Area of Specialisation: Gender and Community Studies

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    Dr. Chandrashekar E Professor

    Qualification:M. A., M.Phil, Ph. D.,
    Area of Specialisation: Sociology of Education , Rural Development, Policy and Planning

Research Project of Sociology in Kuvempu University

Sl No Title Funding Agency Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Amount Status
1 1) Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Communities sponsored. 2) Ethnographic Study of Khatik Community in Karnataka. Government of Karnataka 1) Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Communities. 2) Ethno - 250000 Completed
2 2) The Socio-economic Survey of Project Affected Villages and Families in Government of Karnataka - 1) Baseline Socio-Economic Infrastructure Survey of 10 Costal Cities of Karnataka (Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation Study) for Karnataka Urban Development Coastal Environment Management Project spon 800000 Completed
1 Dalits Women in Self Help Groups in Shimoga District Dr. Ambedkar Study Center, Kuvempu University, Shankaraghatta Prof. B.H. Anjanappa Not Applicable 10000 Completed
2 Causes and Consequences of Farmers Suicide in Karnataka UGC New Delhi --- Dr. Anjanappa. B. H 451200 Completed
3 Folklore and Culture of Submerged Communities of Shimoga District Karnataka Folklore University, Shiggavi, Haveri District Prof. B.H. Anjanappa Not Applicable 100000 completed
Sl No Faculty Name of the Supervisor Name of the Ph.D. Scholar with Aadhaar number/Photo ID Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely date of completion of Ph.D Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
1 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Nagaveena L 533048896167 Full Time 139 2008-06-16 Impact on Unemployed Youth due to increase in Retirement age of Government Employees; A Sociological Study (with special reference Shivamogga District) (Kannada) 2009-06-29 NO --
2 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Thippeswamy H 858481018054 Full Time 1437 2007-01-01 Conditions of child labour in Rehabilitation schools: A Sociological Study (Kannada) 2008-01-30 YES University Fellowship
3 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Rukhsana Banu 315141843034 Full Time 176 2023-08-29 Utilization of Government Developmental Programme and Schemes among Muslims in Karnataka- A Sociological Study 2026-09-10 NO --
4 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Arunkumar J 259716774642 Part Time 265 2016-06-10 A Sociological Study of Chromite Miner ( Special Reference to MSIL) (Kannada) 2021-04-16 NO --
5 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Thippesha N 541019371445 Full Time 266 2016-06-10 Changing Village Life in Malnad: A Sociological Study (Kannada) 2021-04-16 YES NFST
6 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Jyothi G R 247216471981 Part Time 267 2016-06-10 Factors Influencing the determination of Post- graduate Students Aspiration : A Sociological Study (Kannada) 2021-05-19 NO --
7 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Paramesha G S 439525109560 Full Time 268 2016-06-10 Female Offenders: A Sociological Study (Kannada) 2021-01-06 YES NFST
8 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Shashikumara K N 469820531621 Full Time 3-168/2022-23/PDF/SC 2022-12-09 Educational Problems among Children of the nomadic tribes in Karnataka 2024-12-13 YES ICSSR New Delhi
9 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Ajjaiah H 557677931569 Part Time 323 2008-11-05 Socio- Cultural Life of Kadugollas: Sociological Study (Kannada) 2013-07-24 NO --
10 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Shashikumara K N 469820531621 Full Time 375 2017-10-24 Land ownership of Scheduled Castes: Sociological Study (Kannada) 2021-05-10 YES NFSC
11 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Mohana S 399250131343 Full Time 381 2018-01-05 Visually Challenged Students: A Sociological Study (Kannada) 2021-12-01 YES University Fellowship
12 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Kavitha U K 917136345768 Full Time 3842 2009-06-26 Ediga Community of Thirthahalli Taluk: A Sociological Study (Kannada) 2013-06-26 NO --
13 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Jyothi B V 572049530305 Full Time 386 2010-03-11 Educational and Career mobility among Dalit and Lingayath womens (Kannada) 2011-07-20 NO --
14 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Daddaiah G 211347395962 Full Time 397 2018-01-23 Myasabeda Tribal Women: Sociological Study (Kannada) 2021-12-01 YES NFST
15 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Arunkumar K 289311098881 Full Time 4065 2008-01-01 Role of Gram Panchayaths in the Development of Society: A Sociological Study (Kannada) 2009-06-29 NO --
16 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Giridhara S 317012909909 Full Time 4067 2008-06-29 Changing Social and economic conditions in Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes : A Sociological Study (with special reference to Davangere district in rural areas) (Kannada) 2009-06-29 YES Kuvempu University
17 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Sharath.N 941242205334 Full Time 449 2019-01-17 Conditions of Beggars Rehabilitation Centers: A Sociological Study (Kannada) 2022-12-22 YES NFST
18 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Vimochana 256059097437 Part Time 533 2020-05-29 Jogi Women: Sociological Study 2024-07-10 NO --
19 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Ambika H Desai 907267334713 Full Time 560 2007-01-30 Primary Health Centre and Rural Women:Sociological Study(With Special Reference to Shimoga Taluk) 2008-01-30 NO --
20 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Chandrappa A P 297549252700 Full Time 562 2007-01-01 Influence of social and economic factors on Inter-caste marriages: Sociological Study(with special reference to Shivamogga Taluk) 2008-01-30 NO --
21 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Thippeswamy H 858481018054 Part Time 563 2010-06-30 Status of Education among the Students Who Learn - in Rehabilitated School and General School: A Comparative Sociological Study (Kannada) 2014-11-22 NO --
22 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Saibanna 897734767666 Full Time 570 2010-06-30 Socio- Political Mobilisation among Nayaka Community: A Sociological Study (Kannada) 2015-08-31 YES University Fellowship
23 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Veena K R 536690896045 Part Time 610 2010-06-30 BBMP High - School Students:A Sociological Study (Kannada) 2015-06-06 NO --
24 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Thanoosha C 765652035234 Part Time 75 2022-07-28 Parental Role in the Academic Performance: A Sociological Study 2026-08-10 NO --
25 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Kavitha U K 917136345768 Part Time 909 2021-09-15 Women Employees working in Nationalized Banks: A Sociological Study (Kannada) 2025-10-15 NO --
26 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Chikkhanumaiah 598770293739 Part Time 910 2021-09-15 Public Participation in Waste Management: A Sociological Study (with special reference to Udapi district) 2021-09-15 NO --
27 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Thimma Nayaka K B 461625861042 Part Time 911 2021-09-15 Conditions of Farmers in Drought Prone areas: A Sociological Study (Kannada) 2025-10-15 NO --
28 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Prashant Hulakunda 379655439973 Part Time 912 2021-09-15 Neighbouring Rural areas: A Sociological Study (Kannada) 2025-10-15 NO --
29 Arts Dr. Anjanappa B H Chandrappa 549169533243 Full Time PRG- 74 2014-03-27 Changing of Upparas in Karnataka: A Sociological Study (Kannada) 2019-05-21 YES University Fellowship

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