: 08282- 256301/256307

Department of P.G Studies in Biotechnology M.Sc. Biotechnology Course Code: PGS47

Chairperson Prof. V. Krishna
DDE Course Coordinator Prof. V. Krishna
Phone 08282-256235(o), 8762289129(M), 8762354244(M)

Previous Year

Paper Code Paper Title
56741 Chemistry of Biomolecules & Biostatistic
56742 Cell and Molecular Biology
56743 Microbiology and Immunology
56744 Basic Enzymology
Practical-I Based on Theory- Paper I & II
Practical-II Based on Theory- Paper III & IV

Final Year

Paper Code Paper Title
56751 Cell and Tissue Culture Technology
56752 Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology
56753 Computer Application and Bioinformatics
56754 Recombinant DNA Technology
Practical-III Based on Theory- Paper V & VI
Practical-IV Based on Theory- Paper VII & VIII