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Department of P.G Studies in History and Archaeology M.A. History and Archaeology Course Code: PGH14

Chairperson Prof. Sarwamangala G
DDE Course Coordinator Prof. Sarwamangala G
RTA Dr. Haseena H K
Phone 08282-256246(o), 8762289129(M), 8762354244(M)

Previous Year

Paper Code Paper Title
56581 Historical Methods and Historiography
56582 History of Ancient India upto 1200 A.D
56583 Hisotry of Modern Europe
56584 Bronze Age Civilizations of the World

Final Year

Paper Code Paper Title
56591 Hisotry of Medieval India-12th C. to 18th C
56592 Hisotry of Indian Freedom Movement
56593 Hisotry of Modern Karnataka
56594 Archaeology in India