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Department of P.G Studies in Environmental Science M.Sc. Environmental Science Course Code: PGS48

Chairperson Prof. J. Narayana
DDE Course Coordinator Prof. J. Narayana
Phone 08282-256251(o), 8762289129(M), 8762354244(M)

Previous Year

Paper Code Paper Title
56781 Introduction to Ecology and Environment
56782 Biodiversity and Natural Resource Conservation and Management
56783 Occupational Health Hazard, Control and Management
56784 Environmental Education, Environmental Policy and Legislations
Practical-I Based on Theory- Paper I & II
Practical-II Based on Theory- Paper III & IV

Final Year

Paper Code Paper Title
56791 Ecotoxicology and Biostatistics
56792 Pollution Monitoring, Control and Environmental Impact Assessment
56793 Environmental Engineering & Biotechnology
56794 Global Environmental Changes, Natural Hazards & Impact Assessment
Practical-III Based on Theory- Paper V & VI
Practical-IV Based on Theory- Paper VII & VIII