: 08282- 256301/256307

Department of P.G Studies in Physics M.Sc. Physics Course Code: PGS41

Chairperson Dr. Devidas Gaibanna
DDE Course Coordinator Prof. H S Jayanna
RTA Dr. Harish B M
Phone 08282-256246(o), 8762289129(M), 8762354244(M)

Previous Year

Paper Code Paper Title
56921 Mathematical Methods & Classical Mechanics
56922 Quantum & Statistical Mechanics
56923 Solid State Physics
56924 Electronics
Practical-I Experiments in Optics
Practical-II Experiments in Electronics

Final Year

Paper Code Paper Title
56931 Electrodynamics, Optics & Molecular Spectroscopy
56932 Nulcear Physics, Cosmic rays and Elementary Particles
56933 Special Paper-I: Solid State Physics-I
56934 Special Paper-II: Solid State Physics-II
Practical-III Experiments in Nulcear Physics
Practical-IV Experiments in Solid State Physics